Monday, September 24, 2012

we got dirrrrty!

Before all the fun
 me n my kids..
the hubs had to work.. :(

we were disgusting! it was sooo much fun... five miles of mud, running, climbing, falling, laughing and more mud!
we crawled through tubes, climbed up rope walls, swam through mud pits, fell alot, jumped through tires, launched ourselves over muddy pipes, etc..  we conquered our fears. I actually made it up the tall walls of scary! like twenty feet in the air and back down with nothing but wood,  ropes and mud.. eee!

 my shirt was white.. I've washed it, bleached it three times.. and it's still brown.. so yeah.. next year.. don't wear white!

Lacey got to do the piglet plunge.. a mile for the little ones.. she had fun!

every muscle in my body aches. I can tell we worked hard. played hard. giggled hard.
I can't wait till the next one!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm gonna get dirty!

whoop whoop!

oh yeah!

I won two entries in next weeks Dirty Dash!!
I am soooooo excited!!

I wanted to do it soo bad but didn't have the funds.. then a lady called me last night saying I won two entries from a contest I entered a while ago!

cuz seriously
who doesn't want to do this?

or this?

or this???

I'm getting my family in on the fun!
even the hubs!!!

pics to come after.. so hold onto your pants!

I still can't tell you how excited I am!