Wednesday, May 16, 2012

guessssss whaaaat???

I frekin did it!!!!

30 pounds total with Weight Watchers!!

a whoppin 60 pounds all together!!!

seriously.. kids.. I almost cried when I got that damn sticker!
I wanted it sooo bad..

I've got 13 pounds to go to reach my goal weight..

oh yeah..
I'm on my way kids..
whoop whoop!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

doing good

yesterday was totally crazy!
I felt like a taxi cab service :)

had to leave work early to go to kidling number 2's school play.. she rocked!
after the play.. had to drive kidling number 1 to drill
then to dance
then back to kidling number 2's second play
then to pick up kidling number one and run to the rec center to squeeeeeze in a quick workout..


I had a small salad and a small baked potato for dinner..
not too bad..

I was pretty proud of myself yesterday..

feeling pretty good so far..

half a flat bread
egg whites
half a small potato (made into little hashbrowns)
slice of mango

cream of wheat
cottage cheese

I can't wait till lunch..
I'm going to make a watermelon, strawberry smoothie with almond milk
with a little salad to go with it :)


hurry lunchtime!!!

this weekend is Mother's day
I'm going to make a biiiiig mistake and make some cupcakes for the mommy in law..
I am going to send them allllll to their house..
german chocolate and mint chocolate..
what am I thinking?

I know I am doing good with things.. so I think I will allow myself to have a couple cupcakes and not feel guilty for it.
I deserve it.
we have to have treats once in a while, or we will implode.. right?

just make sure I have my date with the treadmill, staimachine and weight room!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

nummy breakfast

I started the Jamie Eason's Livefit plan I found on today:

isn't she darling?

I just had to take a pic of my yummy and healthy breakfast!


breakfast (4 ww's p+)
half a flat bread
egg whites
slice of avacado
two pieces of "soy bacon"

it was actually pretty good and I'm not starving yet :)

snack (3 ww's p+)
cream of wheat

lunch (5 ww's P+)
cottage cheese
green beans

snack (6 ww's p+)
protein shake

dinner.. to be determined (5 ww's P+)
after dinner snack.. something yummy I'm sure (a few ww's p+)

the plan is eat every three or so hours.. small.. HEALTHY meals.. hit weight training hard and voila! 12 weeks, I'll be hawt!  aaaannnddd... It goes pretty well with Weight Watchers.. lots of power foods.. I am staying within my points plus limit.. woohoo!

it seems pretty simple and doable for me...
I will try to post plans and updates more than before. I really want this to work!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Early mommy's day to me

Loooook what my darling, amazing, caring, awesome hubby got me!!!

oh yeah, A Schwinn Beach Cruiser.
he luvs me yanno?

I also got a new purse.. big enough to carry my lil pink gun in!! :)

oh.. check this out..
I'm still workin out.. yup.
I am going to get that five pound star this week if it kills me..

I am less than a pound away. I can do it. I'm aiming for more.. maybe two pounds.. it's about time I aim for a bigger goal!! :)

I am still going to run a half marathon in July..

My teenage rockstar is awesome.. she's going to keep us busy, that girl.
she is almost done with her competition dance season.. and just made the High School Drill team! practices start tonight.. every night.. two a days in summer.
she rocks!

then the little one.. is the lead in the school play this Thursday..
she's going to sign up for dance now.. she loves being active too!!

ahhh.. I luv my kiddos.
I do!