Monday, January 14, 2013


do you think I've abandoned you?
well.. I think I did.

I am so sorry.
life just happened to take over.

the teenagers had drill team competitions that take alot of work and time
the youngest started a new school
our company got sold. so I won't have a job in 3-4 months..
we bought our house finally.
packed up.
moved in.

driving back and forth to work takes up alot of time, taking care of my family takes up alot of time..
I haven't had time to take care of me so much..

I gained about 20 pounds over the holidays.. I've managed to lose about ten of that so far.. yay!

but we took a tour of the new rec center yesterday and we loved it!!
the best parts:
my daughters can use the gym!
they can take the classes!
there is about double the amount of equipment available as the old rec center!!
it is huuuge!!
and the same price!

so.. that's what's been happening.
now.. maybe with all that over, I can get back to normal life.

is anyone willing to pay for the crossfit memberships for me? it's pricey! holy crap. I really really want to do it, but can't justify it to the hubs paying that much. :(

how has everyone been doing?