Monday, November 19, 2012

Failing again

I've failed you.

I forgot to update the challenge..

I am soooo sorry!

if anyone is still around..
I would love to keep going..

I resisted pizza last night.. opted for a salad. and it was goood..
I felt so much better about myself after that..

let's go!

no more goofing around.

it's serious time!

I need to think about why I want to eat crap.
I know it is not good for me.
not at all.
why do I do it?
I know I have no willpower. but why?
I am going to really dig deep inside myself this week and ask myself why I do what I do?
I know "real food" is better for my body.
so what's up with mindlessly eating junk?

my goals (yep there are two)
this week:
no junk.
not even on Thanksgiving.
I need to break the cycle. and cold turkey (ha) will have to do. (I don't eat turkey lol)

and I am going to find the reason inside that I think that cookie or candy bar will make me feel better. It never does. It never tastes as good as I think it will.
so why bother?
why beat myself up over it, when I don't have to.

yes, it will be a bad week to start eating "real food" and by this, I mean.. as little processed food as possible. as little sugar and fake ingredients as possible. I know it won't be possible to do this 100% but as close as I can get, will make me happy. and my body happy.
I know this.

so.. if you are still along for the challenge..
you can pick one or both..
if neither of these make you comfortable.. you can pick you own hurdle to overcome :)
I'm easy like that!

have a great week!

Friday, November 2, 2012

teensy tiny change

Like .4 down.

It's been a stressful week.. that's why I haven't posted.
excuses, I know

but we just found out our company got sold to a huge company for a shit-ton of money. like over a billion dollars.

so I may or may not have a job in a month or two.

Halloween didn't help.
we did not get one single trick or treator.
not one.
I was sad.
so sad.

we're seriously broke due to being scrambling to pay off the last of the bills to get qualified for our home.

my sis lives on Long Island. she still has no power. but her kids are safe and warm with the inlaws
she is doing pretty good. kept me updated so I didn't worry too much bout her.


what are ya gonna do?

I haven't really thought about the challenge, I apologize for that.

this week?


I think I need to be more mindful about what I am putting in my mouth.
Halloween candy made me sick
treats made me sick
I need to stop making myself sick

I need to get back on my plan of no less processed food.
I truly feel better when I am not eating "fake" food.

I need to remember that!
every day.
every meal
every snack

I am going to make myself some lil reminders. on my phone, on my fridge, sticky notes.. you know. just so I don't forget I don't like feeling like poo.

try to think about what you are actually eating.
is it going to make you feel good or bad?
is it going to fuel your body or just make your brain happy for a second?

Happy November!