Monday, April 22, 2013


I made it to the gym yesterday after a crazy busy week..

had work. and school -clinicals to be exact. those are exhausting but so worth it!

I ran almost 5 miles. 4.85.. I just didn't have it in me to get that last .15
my back was screaming for me to stop.
I think it was the eight hours on my feet the day before.. I'm not used to it.

it will get better..

but I am signed up for lots of fun coming up.. so far

**maybe June 8 Dirty Dash

June 20-22 Ragnar

July 24th Handcart days half marathon

I'm so excited!! now if I can get my body to cooperate lol

I haven't really dedicated myself to an eating plan as of yet.. but I am going to have to do something. and fast!

any suggestions?
I am a vegetarian so no meat.. low carbs preferably..

I've tried doing paleo vegetarian.. it was doable, but hard. so maybe I can do that again. it did make me feel sooo much better and I did lose a little weight.