Monday, July 30, 2012

I entered my puppy

I entered my pom pom in a  contest for a trip!! he is #271 please vote for him!!

Pet Photo Payoff Gallery #1: Pet Photo Payoff - Entries #1 - #300. to vote! Liking this page doesn't count as a vote.

Friday, July 27, 2012


If anyone would have told me even a few years ago I would have ran a half marathon, I would have told them they were crazy!
whacked out, nut jobbed, insanely insane, nuts!
but I did it.

I ran a 5k.
then another
and another.. and on and on..
then a 10k
go me!

then.. I wanted MORE
I really did.
I had to prove to myself I could do more.
I had to prove to everyone telling me I can't, that I CAN!
and I did!
I ran a half marathon..

what's next?
more half's
getting faster
and being able to complete one without thinking I'm going to die. or puke. either one

baby steps
I have to get back on my "healthy eating" plan
no(low) carbs
no junk
lots of water
more water
and did I mention water?

my brilliant mind thought, earlier, while I was in the bathroom. I think great there.

I need to cut back on the diet soda.
I know it's not good for me.
I'm addicted.
my goal for this week?
cut back on the soda.
I will ALLOW myself one per day. and only if it's a good fountain drink. mmm those are my favs.
yep. I did not say NO soda.. cut me some slack people.
I'm an addict.
but I will cut back.
baby steps here.

I will also try a new recipe at least once a week. and post it. here. with pictures. cuz I'm awesome like that.

Oh yeah! I am also going to try more strength training. such as crossfit, p90X or insanity. not sure which yet.. I tried crossfit on my own, but without paying a few hundred dollars to go to the gym here, I'm not sure I'm comfortable to keep trying the exercises..
so. a buddy is doing insanity and he has had great results. I think I'll research that one.
either way. I'll get toned and strong.

aaand... I need to update my blog to make it look cooler. yanno. to match me? someday. when I don't have a million things to do at any given time. I'll do that. yeah.

I just wanted to share some progress pics.. the first is from 2007ish I'm on the very right.. with my sister and nieces just after my mama passed.

I've still got thirtyish pounds to go.. but I'm close!

I keep thinking of fantabulous things to share!
we are going to (as a whoooole family) do a deep clean of our house tomorrow. scrubbing walls and floors, cleaning out closets..etc.. I'm excited now, but come tomorrow morning, eeek! lol
then.. I plan on crafting and get this~~~ making a recipe box! I am going to find all the yummyness I've found in books from the library, pinterest and blogland.
 I know I won't complete this soon, but I will start it!
I plan on dividing it somehow.. paleo, vegetarian, low cal, not low cal.. etc.. whew! that's gonna be a buttload of work. maybe it's not so exciting after all?
Oh yeah.. and get my fill of Olympic games in! woot woot! go USA!
naaah. It's gonna rock!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here I go again

after a week of crappy eating.
not sooo crappy.
better than I've ate in the past
worse than I've ate recently
I am going back on the low carb, vegetarian, paleo thing I've been working on.

I thought I needed more carbs for my half marathon.
I was wrong.
I felt like poo
but I lived.

I proved myself wrong

I've got the gassy, uncomfortable, bloated feeling to prove it.

my teenager has been told to eat healthy for her drill team.
she has a list of foods she can and can't eat
most of which are the same foods I have been eating, or not eating.
except meat.
I can't do that part.

we've decided, as a family, no more junk in the house.
mostly I would buy "junk" for the hubs. cuz that's all he would eat.
yeah. I'm an enabler. but it's just easier to please him than hear the whining.
he's spoiled. I'm not his mom.

he finally told me it was ok to NOT BUY IT!

I can finally bring home the healthy, nutritious foods my family needs and I will feel good about them eating!

I know I'll get some criticism for this. but you don't live in my house. don't judge lol

we will still get a "cheat day"
where we can go crazy, to a miminum lol
but I am so excited the whole family is on board!

my next hurdle will be getting my 11 year old to eat salad :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

I did it!!!!

I finished!!
I wasn't last!!!

Pre race pic.. I'm sure I looked like a dork takin my own pic.. but who cares?! lol

 I finished 178th.. out of 207.. but I finished!!

my time was 2:39:10

whew! that was a loooong time..
slooooow lol but I managed it.
my hubby took a pic of my results :) I was 20th in my age group lol

 crossing a bridge.. this was just before we had to run UP a hill!!
pretty view

 my mom and dad were with me the whole time
 this was the best sign ever!!!
crossing the finish line!!!!
 my trophies lol

now.. my goal is to do the next one faster.. then another faster.. then maybe a full marathon!!

my legs, mostly my thighs are sore.. but I am feeling great! only on little blister on my foot. yay!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


three days and counting


I already can't sleep.
which sucks

I've tried small workouts so I don't over do it or injure myself..


I am psyching myself out here

this is a big deal people!

13.1 miles is seriously major for me!

any miles are major for me

I am hydrating
I am eating right (for me)
adding protein smoothies mmmmmm yummy!

I am trying to prepare the best I can so I don't flop on race day.
I just want to finish in one piece. I just want to finish!

I will be back next week with pictures and a fabulous story I'm sure

I am taking a couple days off work. I have lots going on.. the teenager has some tests and we are taking a lil day trip to take my daddy's ashes to be joined with my mama's on her birthday.

have a blessed week and weekend friends!

Monday, July 16, 2012

jogging with the fam

we woke up early Saturday to go for a bike ride, longboard ride and run.. runnin for me :)
bikes for the hubs n youngest and longboard for the teenager

there is a trail along the freeway here that is 14 miles long from start to end.. we've never been on it.
till now!

we started about a fourth of the way in.. mile 3 I think..

 on our way

 the trail
 going into the tunnel.. dun dun dun
 spooky no?
 me.. getting ready to brave the tunnel lol (like how I rigged the lil backpack holding my water and ipod? yep I'm creative)
it was short ha! but the shade was nice :)

muh goofy teenager on our run Sunday

wearin my "fanny pack" water bottle holder lol

I am almost ready for the half on Saturday.
I decided I am going to eat some carbs this week. bump up my protien and lots of water!! I can't believe how thirsty I got on our two hour run Saturday morning..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

on a roll

of nothing!
going nowhere!

I actually gained a pound or two.. I'm not telling which..

I fell off the paleo (as it was) wagon.
a few times.
I had pie
hell it was free!
and soooo good

I had two crepes for breakfast yesterday. they had strawberries.. n whipped cream. then I felt sick.

I had a pumpkin choco chip cookie. not so good.
not worth it.

I had some of my mama in law's nummy guacamole (with some chips)
I had corn on the cob and watermelon for dinner. I just wasn't into it.

I missed two days of working out.
I ate crap.

I feel like shitballs.

I need to start Paleo again.

*** My version of Paleo.***
Sugar style.
no meat.
some dairy (fat free cuz that makes me feel better and get some protein while I'm at it)

I'm learning what my body likes and definately what it doesn't. Give me a break. I'm still working it out.

I hope everyone had a great 4th yesterday.
it was kinda boring for us. for one, I felt icky. and we had a fireworks ban pretty much everywhere.
so. hubs bbq'd some burgers for him n the kidlings.
it's kinda nice when he cooks. (very rarely happens)  even if he does burn everything :)

for now. today. I am going to keep nursing my aching belly. with veggies. and some fruit. I made a watermelon/strawberry smoothie for b-fast. it was ok. kinda blah too.
maybe it's just too hot.

me n my hubby waiting to watch the park fireworks
 my silly kidlings
 my n my teenager
 I'm off to work.
have a great day!

*updated to show where I'm coming from for the anonymous person who keeps trying to belittle me*
I copied and pasted from  Thank you Matt for the info!!
no meat athelete

"Does that mean you can’t be a Paleo-vegetarian?  I don’t think so.  Welcome to my next diet experiment

Paleo diet basics

Briefly, here the basic tenets of a standard Paleo diet for endurance athletes (as outlined in The Paleo Diet for Athletes):
  • The breakdown: Roughly, 35% fat, 40% carbohydrate, 25% protein.
  • Staple foods: Wild and free-range meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, nut-like seeds, some tubers, such as sweet potatoes
  • Not allowed (here’s the tricky part): All grains, including wheat, rice, barley, oats, rye, and corn; grain-like seeds, including quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat; all legumes, including beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, and soy; starchy tubers such as potatoes; dairy, alcohol, most sugars except in fruit
(See a complete list of Paleo foods here.)
I’m not going to go into the detailed reasons for what’s allowed and what isn’t.  The basic explanation: Pre-agricultural man (and woman) ate a lot of the staple foods, and had very limited or no access to the disallowed foods.
So, simply ignoring the meat issue for now, we see that if you were to follow the Paleo diet as a vegetarian or vegan, you’d be eating a lot of lots of fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, oils like olive, coconut, and canola, nuts, and nut-like seeds.  And pretty much any sugar you’d eat would come from fruits.
A bit bland, perhaps, but doable.
Hopefully, you’re already eating a lot of these foods.  And—bonus!—most Paleo diets allow you to eat as much as you feel like eating.  If cavemen had appointed kings, that’s what you’d be eating like.

But…do you see the problem?

If you don’t see why the Paleo diet is tough for vegetarians, either (a) you’re skimming this post while you eat a quinoa salad with tofu and black beans, or (b) your version of a vegetarian/vegan diet is severely lacking in protein.
First, note that grains are out.  Tough, since they’re a big part of most vegetarians’ diets, especially runners’.  But that’s not the worst part.
The hardest thing about this is that every major vegan protein source is off limits in a strict Paleo diet.  Anything soy, every kind of bean except string beans, and quinoa are all Paleo no-no’s.

Your Paleo options as a vegetarian

It appears impossible to strictly follow the Paleo diet as a vegetarian.  And to be honest, it probably is.  Since we don’t eat meat, and the diet is based on eating meat—it should account for up to 55% of one’s calories, according to The Paleo Diet for Athletes—anything we do as vegetarians is going to be a bastardization.
But then again, aren’t all modern Paleo diets pretty poor substitutes for the real thing?  The fruits, vegetables, and tubers we find in modern grocery stores, even farmers markets, probably do not resemble the fibrous ones Paleolithic humans were eating.  And while a dedicated Paleo-dieter might be able to eat truly wild meats a high percentage of the time, it’s likely that the vast majority of modern Paleos either can’t access or can’t afford such authenticity, and must resort to the factory-farmed meat they find at the grocery store.
My point:  Any modern Paleo diet is merely an approximation to the real thing.  So as vegetarians, we can (and must) approximate too.

Vegetarian Paleo Diet Option #1: Eat lots of eggs
Vegetarian Paleo Diet Option #2: Allow hemp seed and grain-like seeds
Vegetarian Paleo Diet Option #3: Allow soaked or sprouted beans and legumes "

So. there you have it. I am doing what I am doing and I am just fine.
oh. and last time I checked.. no one can own a diet. sorry

Monday, July 2, 2012


this weekend was a bust.

Pizza (one piece) aaaand salad to make it even out

ice cream cone

popcorn (twice) at the movies... once during Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter (eh.. it was ok) and once during Magic Mike.. again.. eh. it was ok.
Channing Tatum is my favorite. He is soooo pretty!
and such an amazing dancer. yum!
the movie was blah except for the half naked mens.. mmmmm

uh hem

where was I?

oh yeah..

I did have a wrap at the movie theatre.. lots of lettuce, tomatoes and some onion in there.. but there was also a tortilla.. not too horrible, no?

I didn't do so good this weekend sticking to Paleo. or crossfit.
just no time..

that's where the planning comes in.
I need more time to plan, plot, and prepare. yep.

can someone do that for me?

but this week is back on track.
got all stocked up on paleo friendly foods
going to cut n chop up to be ready to grab

here we go.