Monday, June 27, 2011

new week, kinda bummed.. moving on

so.. I tried so hard to win a Mytrak from Fitblogger.. the last 12 weeks, I only missed two weeks.. but maybe those were my chances.. idk..

oh well.. I will just have to save up the money to get some sort of tracking device so I know exactly what my exercise is doing for me. I don't like guessing..

yeah. I'm cranky today.
between the hubs staying up till after midnight, and the neighbors damn dogs barking all night.. I'm tired and not very happy.
I can be bitchy once in a while, can't I?


I lost 2.2 pounds last week.
It was hard..
I worked my arse off in the gym..I got up to 4 miles jogging (sweating like hell while doing it)
yup.. I'm kinda proud of that..
I used to despise running.
I hated it like I hate mushrooms.. seriously..

I love it!
I can't just walk any more.
I have to run


this week..
weight watchers suggested we start "listening" to our bodies.
actually listening.
what is it saying?

That's going to be my goal for the week.

slimmer this summer week 4 I am going to continue to get my bazillion ounces of water.. I am so used to it now, it's like I feel naked without my water bottle full and ready to drink up..

plus size bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. I am down a total of 6 pounds!
woohoo!! I am halfway there.. seriously.. I'm rocking this bitch! k. I need to stay on track and not let it go to my head and think I can slack.

I am going to listen to my body. Take my time eating. Listen for that "sigh" of satisfied-ness. yanno.. the one that your body gives when it's happy? listen for'll know.
I am only going to eat what actually tastes good. I remember eating those processed candy bars, the greasy chips.. and only feeling icky after eating them.
this week at least, I am going to try to remember how I felt after eating crap.
sticking to natural and healthy foods is my goal.

okey dokey
off to start Monday

Friday, June 24, 2011


mkay.. so I had to change my blog name a bit.. I like it..

I have been doing pretty good with the water and the tracking.. and the exercise.. woot!
I jogged four miles the other day.
it rocked!

then last night..
I tackled this monster..
the pic doesn't show how huuuge this sucker is..
it is about two or three feet taller than I am.. like a huuge escalator..
but I rocked 77 floors climbed on it!
go me :)
I think I found a new favorite sweat inducer..
tomorrows weigh in should be pretty good.. I've been a good girl :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

A fresh week to start over.. again.. *sigh* and my new friend

 I gained .8 last week. I admit, I haven't ate as well as I should have.
I have been so super busy with the teenager and life.. I tend to make excuses.. but then I kick myself for it.
This week I am going to track every single bite.
I am going to drink more and more water. For some reason I got back into the diet soda habit.. and totally need to kick it.. again.
so.. I will go back to posting my meals and points as much as possible.. with no internet at home, it's kinda hard.. but I will do it when I can..

Fathers day was hard.
not only sad.. but I wanted to eat the pain away.. with a banana split. so I did.
ugh! seriously..
bad girl!

fitblogger this is the last week.. I've been a good girl.. I've only missed two weeks.. when my dad passed.. still working on the protein.. I did pick up some greek yogurt.. it is pretty yummy! and has more protein than regular yogurt.. so yay!

slimmer this summer week 3  I am still down 4 pounds.. but with the .8 gain.. ugh! I will get it back down this week.. going to hit the gym hard this week!

plus size bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. still down the 4 pounds.. going to get a couple at least this week to get closer to the 15 pound goal. upping my water and exercise.. I am sooo going to get the big guns (weights) out!

so.. there ya have it..
water- drinking more!
exercise- waaay more.. and bringing out the weights hard core!
tracking- every bite and watching that I actually stick to the plan
I have a plan and I am determined to stick to it.

The vegetarian plan is still going great! I really don't miss meat at all. I may have to stick to it for a long while.. awesome.

aaanndd.. here's my new friend. my new addition to my Alice in Wonderland tribute, on my leg..

Monday, June 13, 2011

whoop! whoop!

I Lost FOUR pounds last week kids!
F O U R!
saweet huh?

so.. all I basically did, was..
eat waaaay more fruits n veggies..
ate NO meat!
drank lots of water..
got my workout on.. lots!

it was pretty easy.
I am totally digging this vegetarian thing..
this week..
we'll see what happens next Weigh in..
but for now..
I'm basking in the "down four pounds glow"
yesterday was a great day
I took the teenager to Yoga.. we both did great! she is totally lovin it..
then we came home.. I cooked an early dinner for the fam.. they had turkey.. I had mashed potatoes and pasta salad..
after that, it was still early.. so me n the teenager decided we'd go for a jog/bike ride. My bike is broken.. so I jogged, she rode.
I made it the usual four+ miles. jogging most of the way.. even though it was fuggin hot!.. I had to shower again when we got home..
feelin goood!

my challenges for the week are:

Fitblogger.. I am soooo dying to get one of these Mytraks... seriously..
I am going to stick to the "no meat" plan.. since I like it.. but find more ways to get protein. I have beans. that's it.. so.. my goal for the week.. get protein!
slimmer-this-summer-week-2 I am going to continue to work on my water intake. I know I need more. I just have a hard time putting my Diet Dr Pepper's down man!
Plus Size Bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. to lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks.. I am almost a third of the way there! woohoo!!

I hope I can stick to this weight loss. I always lose, then gain... I just want to find a way to lose every week. even if just a lil.. yanno?
I have about 30 pounds to go! much better than 80 I think..
yeah.. I've lost almost exactly 50 pounds since the beginning of last year..
go me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a Late Award

Thanks to Lisa.. (sorry.. I've been a bit behind on things)
I'm finally able to post this award she gave me!
yay! I love prizes!!!

The rules are as follows;
Thank the blogger who gave the award to you,
Tell 7 things about yourself
Pass the award on (to 15 people)

Thanks Lisa!! her blog
1. I am deathly afraid of spiders.. Like.. I can't even be in the same room..freakishly, spazing out kinda afraid of em..
*shivers just thinking about the creepy crawly buggers*
2. I am addicted to exercise. and damn proud of it. being told I can't for years.. finally got old.. so I did.. and I do exercise most days of the week. sometimes twice :)
3. I love to craft. I make things. and have even been published in an online scrapbook magazine :) you can check out my craft blog here, only if ya want ta
4. I would give anything to be able to dance again. Just because I loved it so much in high school. But there aren't many classes around for overweight, 30 sumthing, mommies..
5. seven? really?
mkay.. I'm a writer. kinda. I'm trying anyways..
6. I love my girls with every cell in my body. I would do anything for the little shits. but I guess any mom would say that..
7. my fav color is pink. of course. but I also have a dark, twisted side. skulls, black.. glitter.. I'm well rounded that way.

Idk if I know 15 peeps..
but here goes..
Kirsten cuz she's my evil bewbie twin or sumpin. and she just rocks
jack he totally rocks
lil miss hippo  well.. cuz I can totally see a hippo wearing a headband
mizfit kinda needs no explanation.. she is amazing
pior fat girl can I count this as my last 11 peeps?

k I'm done..
thanks bloggers! you rock!

another good day

yesterday was another good day, despite dr appointments with the teenager, me being sick and having a hard time breathing.. stupid congestion..

breakfast was some ff cottage cheese and some strawberries.. mmmmm 3 WW p+
then a no bake cookie for 2 p+  (and lots of water..)

lunch was some leftover spaghetti with marinara 8 WW P+ (lots more water..)

I made some yummy cheesy potatoes.. I guessed at this one for 12 WWp+.. I don't think it was that high, but I'd rather be high, than low :) and they were soooo yummy.. and green beans 0 P+

if you didn't know the "P+" is Weight Watchers "Points Plus" for the new program. I love it so far.
I have lost weight.. so it works for me :)

then I made it to the gym for 20 minutes of ellipticalling and 30 minutes of walking/jogging.. not much on the jogging.. since the whole not being able to breathe kinda puts a damper on it..  adding more water!!

so.. it was a pretty good day on plan for me :)
feeling awesome about it..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

yesterday was good

I don't have a puter at home.. so I have to wait till morning to make my posts..
forgive me if I forget sumpin..
I totally have short term memory loss.. lol

k.. so brekky was a grapefruit.. mmmm
then for a snack I had some mango and cantaloupe.. total.. 0 WW p+

Lunch was a humongo salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, broccoli, avacado, croutons and vinagrette dressing.. total 6 WW p+
it was soooo nummy and I couldn't eat it all, but counted the points anyways..

a snack of cracker thins for 2 points..

then a quickie workout on the elliptical to add an activity point for me to eat (though I rarely do).. yay!

a snack of fat free popcorn for 1 WW P+..

then dinner was a bean burrito on a low carb tortilla, with tomatoes and lettuce.. some ff ranch and cheese for a total of 6 WW p+.. very yummy and can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow..

then me and the rockstar teenager went to Aqua Zumba.. it was the first class and sooo fun.. didn't feel like much of a hard workout.. but the smiles and giggles coming from the kid was soooo worth it.. adding 5 activity points for that..

so.. I stayed below my points for the day.. as usual..
I'm ok with that.. eventually, as I get better at planning for no meat.. I'm sure I will get closer to my target..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

going veggie, slimmer this summer, fitblogger, and plus size challenges

that's me
a vegetarian

ok.. well.. one in training :)

I started Saturday..
it's been kinda easy so far.
not too many struggles..

other than wanting to cook that big ol turkey I've got in the freezer..

but.. I've done pretty well so far.
I have not even "needed" to eat anything with meat in it.
I made spaghetti last night.. and didn't even miss it.

I've stocked up on beans, tons and tons of veggies and lots of fruit to keep me happy.
I am able to stick to my Weight Watcher's plan easily and haven't felt deprived so far.

any suggestions or recipes?
I'm not big on tofu or anything weird.. just simple :)

so my goal this week.. for week 10 (seriously.. it's almost over) of fitblogger 's mytrak challenge.. is to continue with the healthy vegetarian alternative plan :)
simple as that..

I am also joining in on Debbi's Slimmer this summer challenge..

in addition to this vegetarian goal.. I am going to drink alllll my water.. and follow my WW's plan..
too much life may make it difficult to add much more right now.. I just have to take it a day at a time :)

aaaannd.. if that wasn't enough to keep me motivated..
let's join in the fun with plus size bloggers and their bye bye booties challenge..
to lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks..

did I need to remind you how competitive I am?
didn't think so..

not to mention the fact.. that I can't be left out lol..

so..let's get healthy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

slimmer this summer challenge

do I need to tell ya that I am a bit compulsive?
I see a challenge.. and I HAVE to be included.
I can't miss out on anything!

so.. I had to join in on this one.. partly because well.. it was there.. and mostly because I need to. and yes.. her blog name does remind me of porn every time I see it. but that's just my dirty mind.. please excuse me. :)
I need to kick my own ass into gear.
and well..
if there are a billion people watching me.. I can't quit.

debbi does dieting slimmer-this-summer-weight-loss
here's the deets..
starting Monday.. (copied from Debbi's blog cuz I'm lazy)

Here's what we're going to do in this summer challenge.  We're still working on the details but this will give you an idea of how it will go.

I believe that to be successful you have to have a plan and a goal.  Without it, you're just flying blind. Here's the plan.

1. Blog our goals!! Please do an initial post stating what your goals are. We have 12 weeks of this challenge. How much do you want to lose in 12 weeks? How much water or liquids do you intend to drink daily? How many workouts are you going to do? What is your exercise plan? Measurements? This way you'll have measurable goals to aim for. End goal could simply be an increased level of exercising or entering a 5K run or being able to do X number of repetitions or adding an extra hour a week. The type of exercise and level of challenge is an individual choice of each challenge participant. All the challenge asks is that you be accountable weekly to how you met your goals for calories, exercise, fluids and other personal challenge goals.

2. Tracking food and water is essential.  It was the only way I have found success and if you talk with anyone else who has lost substantial weight, they would agree.  Tracking and journaling is a must.  I am planning to track my daily calories on my blog and encourage you to do the same. We'd love to see what you eat and share ideas!  It certainly isn't manditory though.

3. I've tried different diets and have found that eating between 1200 - 1400 calories works for me. That comes to about 9800 calories per week maximum. Tracking calories keeps us aware of food labels and portioning. If you don't have a food scale, get one. They are inexpensive and essential for accurately tracking calories.  Round numbers, let's keep it under 10,000 calories a week. TOPS. Water or liquids should be at 10 - 8 oz. cups a day.  Good chance your body needs more than that so this is minimum!  Keep hydrated!

4. Get moving!  If you're already sticking to an exercise routine.  Great.  Keep it up and maybe see how you change it up or kick it up a notch.  If you're like me and struggling to get into a routine, well then what the heck are you waiting for!  Let's set some goals and plan our exercise for the next 12 weeks. Exercise should be "challenging", ie, get you to work up a sweat and get stronger. Whether you choose walking, biking, jogging, lifting weights, Pilates, CrossFit, home videos, salsa dancing, it should be for at least 20 minutes and should grow progressively more challenging as the weeks progress. If you start with 20 minutes, then increase it a bit week by week. If you are already doing an exercise regimen that works for you, then simply state your goals for how often/how long and keep accountable.  We need to FIT exercise into our schedules.  It's not going to happen by itself. 

5.  We want to lose weight, so lets stay accountable and blog weekly with results.  We're not going to be the scale police but we expect results.  Twelve weeks is enough time to see some awesome results from everyone.  I'll put a linky up on a post on Sunday night.  You can do a weekly results post over the weekend and post it to the linky on Monday morning so we can all see your progress.

6. No winners or losers. So don't quit! If you have a bad week, get over it and get back on track. That's what we're here for, to stay on track!   Challengers should have fun with this. It should be "challenging", but it should not be a huge pain in the keister. Blogging and the rules are to motivate, not to burden.

7. Challengers should support other challengers. Please consider supporting via comments on blog posts. 
No specific prizes but I do intend to do some giveaways at the end for those who stick with it and stay super supportive. More details on that later.

You are welcome to be in any other challenges as well. We all need as much help and encouragement as possible.

so my goal will be simple

lose weight by following my Weight Watcher's plan to the T.. I got my 10% goal, my 5k charm, my keychain and I want that damn 25# charm.. hell.. I want that 50# charm!
exercise. going back to my 2adays.. re-adding my weight routine since I've completely assed out of it.
drink water.. lots of it..100 ounces a day. not including my diet dr. peppers.

I've totally fallen off my wagon.. and I am fuggin determined to get back on.
no more breaks.
I've accomplished too much to let it all fall apart now.
no excuses.

let's do this!