Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have been absent again.
but for a good reason this time.

my youngest daughter had surgery last week.
her growth plate was weak in her hip so her femur basically slipped off or something. not sure the exact wording or how it all works...
they put a screw in to hold it in place to keep it from getting worse

she did really well.. hardly had any pain. the only thing is she can't put any weight on it for four weeks.
that is forever!
especially for an 11 year old.
she's on crutches.
I'm the servant
not kidding
she has had me at her disposal 24/7 since last Tuesday.
I'm exhausted!
but I don't want to take the chance of her falling and having another surgery.
she will have to have more in the future though..

but this mommy's tired!

I did pretty well over the holiday break though.
I did eat lots of goodies and treats, but I also got a few workouts in.
haven't managed to gain so far..
*crossing my fingers*

I talked to my ww's leader last weigh in though..and she suggested I switch it up a bit.
be more in tune with the power foods.
look for more ways to change up my eating so maybe I can get the losing going again.
I have been stalled for a loooong time and nothing is working!

maybe some more classes at the rec center?
I'll try it!
I am so close though.. It's depressing!

I did buy skinny jeans this weekend.. for the first time evah!
the teenager, the little one and most importantly.. the hubs.. say they look hot on me!
so.. I'll go with it..

I got some clothes that fit finally too! I feel great.. other than being totally exhausted..
but I decided I have to really do this for me. honestly and wholeheartedly.
I just hope I have the willpower to do it.

so.. I will be examining my getting started guide. I will be reading my pocket guide front to back.
I will make sure to track everything I put in my mouth.. every exercise I accomplish.

let's do this!

Monday, December 12, 2011

stayin the same is not ok

September 10 I weighed 157.2
Saturday I weighed 157.8
Obviously the week of the "yogurt diet" didn't work. so I decided it's not for me. It didn't seem healthy for me.

I have stayed the same or gained and lost the same two-3 pounds since then.
I am not making progress.

I am asking myself why.
Am I really trying?
I can honestly answer that with a NO.
Then I have to wonder, well why the hell not?!

I NEED to lose weight.
I WANT to lose weight.
I KNOW HOW to lose weight.

so what is stopping me?
myself of course.
no one else.
nothing else.
just me.

We got all new materials at Weight Watchers this weekend.
I am going to study them.
I am going to learn them.
I am going to live them.

Another member reached their goal weight and I want to be that person!
I neeeeed to be that person.

I know those cookies or treats aren't as good as they seem.
Junk food really isn't as yummy as it looks.
I need to feed my body the right way.
I need to fuel it for health and strength.

I know my battle is all mental.
I just need to master that mentality. I need to follow my Weight Watchers plan and just keep sticking it out.
it will happen!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Back down!

I am now back down to pre-thxsgiving weight.. yay!

weird how my body will gain and lose the same weight week after week.. 157.8. This is a total so far of 27.2 pounds lost with weight watchers.  I have 16ish to reach my lifetime goal. Woot!

I decided I needed to give myself a boost..

I am going to follow the yoplait two week tune up

I know this is a very restrictive plan. but it really isn't much worse than I've been doing.
I am adding more dairy, that's a plus.
I figured it fits in very well with my weight watchers plan.
and now that my points are lower, even better!

I've stocked up and planned my week. Well.. My two weeks.
I know "crash diets' aren't good for us.
but I need a bump, and even if it's just mental, to break me of the horrible habits I have, I am doing it!

my plan for today.

Monday, December 05, 2011
1  serving(s) nature valley granola bars

1  serving(s) Delights Parfait ® Chocolate raspberry yogurt

1/2 cup(s) strawberries

1  cup(s) Multi-grain cheerios®

6  oz Light 'n Fit nonfat vanilla yogurt

3  small clementine(s)

No entries for this meal time.
2  Tbsp fat-free ranch salad dressing

1  cup(s) fresh radish(es)

1/2 medium green pepper(s)

1  cup(s) cucumber(s)

Food PointsPlus values total used14
Food PointsPlus values remaining12
No entries for activity.
Activity PointsPlus values earned0
Check off these important items daily:

I haven't added dinner yet. since I don't know what I'll have yet.. but I have room for more snacks if needed, although this seems like enough for me.. we'll see!

so.. here's to getting closer to my goal and NOT gaining again!!

Oh.. and My goal for this week is: NO diet sodas.. Ok. I don't think I can do NONE.. but I am definately cutting waaay back!!. I'm switching to tea and water.. and zero cal powerades.. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

forgot to share

I totally forgot to share my 10k info..

I ran a 10k on thanksgiving,..
I finished!
I WASN'T last!

I finished in 1:07.. not to bad for a chubby mama, eh?

here's before
during.. the couple times I slowed to catch a breath..

and after!
I am so doing this again next year!

Monday, November 28, 2011

baack! after a long ass weekend!

I would love to say I did great on my Weight Watcher's weigh in.
but nope.
I'm up a pound and a half!

can I tell ya how frustruating this is?
I did everything I was supposed to.. all week..
I even ate perfectly on Thxgiving..
I ran a 10k for craps sakes!
oh yeah..
 I ran a 10k! In 1:07..
not too bad for a fat chick, eh?

but I don't know what else to do.
the hubs says.. "maybe since you've lost so much, so fast.. it is just taking longer now".
he's kinda smart like that sometimes.

this week.
I'm desperate.
I'm going to have a protein shake for breakfast.. with a piece of fruit.
A protein shake for lunch with a small salad.
and a good dinner.
some good healthy snacks too.

I really want to blame the new meds.. but they are supposed to help LOSE weight.. not gain it.

I need to get back into my weight training program.. (another suggestion from the hubster)

yoga twice a week isn't enough for me.
jogging four to five times a week isn't enough for me.

I need to be diligent and persistant with this.
I need to figure out why I can't lose this last 20ish pounds.. or hell.. even five would make me happy!

k.. here's a really crappy pic of me n my yoga teacher.. isn't she darling?
try not to get dizzy looking at it.
I may try to get another.. but that may be a while.. it was kinda weird asking the first time :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am so excited for Yoga tonight. It is truly my "me" time.
I enjoy it to no end. I can't even describe how I feel when I am hitting the poses. Sweating. Meditating. Stretching.
When I first started, I could barely do any of the poses..
now.. I am not a pro.. but getting there.
I can do almost all these ^
I think I'll ask my cute lil teacher for a pic tonight so I can show you how cute she is!

Monday, November 21, 2011

another one bites the dust

down a pound!
an entire pound..
not half.. not 3/4

an ENTIRE pound..

is it pathetic that I'm so excited to have lost a pound?
it's finally going in the right direction!

I also got my fruit n veggie basket.. lemme tell ya people!
I about died when I saw all the goodies I got this time..
the usual veggies n entire laundry basket full.
I got some squash or zucchini.. I'm not sure which.. and I have no clue what to do with it lol..

I opted for an extra "hostess pack" and it was amazing!
on top of the usual.. I got fresh herbs.. rosemary, thyme and sage.. it smells sooooo good!
ten pounds of potatoes.. five pounds of red potatoes..
fresh green beans
pineapple (two)

but seriously..

this is worth a few bucks and waking up early on a Saturday!
I am now well on my way to making healthy, yummy meals for myself and my family!
here's to a great week and happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011


saw this on a community board I'm on sometimes..
had to share.

Monday, November 14, 2011


only half a pound..
but down is down!

I jogged last night. had to get my training in for Thanksgiving..
so me n the little one.. ok. she's not so little anymore.
hit the streets..
she had her light up scooter and I had my runnin shoes.
I jogged to the rec center and back.
only pausing for a couple quick drink breaks and a few light stops..
I mapquested..
it was 3.75 miles
each way!
so.. 7.5 miles
in the 45 degree weather.
it was amazing!
my legs are tight n sore today.
but I rocked it!

I'm going with my little loss.
I'm expecting it will take a bit to adjust to my meds..
I am going to eat healthy and really watch my intake of what I NEED as opposed to what I WANT

Have a great week!

Oh.. I also found out my goal weight is actually a bit higher than I thought.
that doesn't seem so far away now!
17 pounds to be exact!


Friday, November 11, 2011

woop! woop!

an award was passed on to me! thanks to Julie @ Taking the Fat out of Skinny
the deal is..
write 7 things about myself and pass it on to 15 other ppl..


1. I'm short. 5'3. so weight doesn't hide well on me.
2. I luff my lil pom pom with all my heart. he is the bestest lil pup a mommy could have!

3. I have a crush on Vin Diesel. It's not a secret. the hubs always takes me to see his movies :)

yummy! Right?

4. I am really skinny on the inside.
5. I write erotica. ok. Dabble. I haven't been published or anything.. yet.
6. I love to scrapbook and alter items. (see my other bloggy)
7. I truly believe there are good people out there. I always try to see the best in everyone.
That's the "tree-hugger" in my I suppose :)

ok.. now to passing it on...

1. suzi
2.bombshell girl
3. Jen
4. MIZ awesome!
5. vegan goodness
6. Angela
8. on meat athlete blog
9. emily
10. Kirsten
12. Lora
13. shauna
14. Jane
15. yeah that vegan shit


I hope I didn't duplicate anyone!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

getting back on track


I went to the rec center last night to do something.. whatever my coughing butt would allow..
and allllll the frekin machines were FULL!
it was sooo busy last night..
maybe everyone is getting a start on the Holiday workouts to prevent the gains?

so I hit the track
it is 1/9th of a mile...
I jogged 9 times

took a drink.. checked my timer

I hit it again
mile 3 was 30.45!
I totally rocked it!!
had to stop for a cough attack and a drink

kept going
made it to mile 5.. that was 45 times around the track!! 50.15!!!

then I had to stop.
had to catch my breath.

but I felt goooood people! seriously good!
I just jogged 5 miles!
ok. not nonstop.
but I still did it!

I had a visit with my new dr yesterday too..
she is darling!
she has the cutest lil accent. I had to ask her where she was from.
Her family is from Ireland. She grew up in Zimbabwe. Talk about awesome!
she pretty much confirmed the PCOS diagnosis. She asked if I wanted to ask my ob about it.. I said I felt more comfortable with her.. since she has all my info from forever...
she started me on Metformin and Spironolactone.
also.. cut my blood pressure meds in half!

so.. lets see if this helps me lose the belly fat and get back on the right track.
cuz between me and you.. I am tired of shaving my facial hair like a man!
eek.. I said that out loud huh?
now you know my secret.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Staying the same

in spite of being sick.. ugh!
I hardly got any workouts in last week..
it's really hard to run when you can't breathe..

but I stayed the same.
I'm ok with that

I made sure I packed lots of good food today.
carrots, greek yogurt, cottage cheese.. fruit... mmmmm

we had the chance to get some tickets to "party" with the Cullens! squeeee!!!
it was 6 a.m. and freeeeezing!
but we got the tickets!!

 my hubby loves me!
so this week.. I still can't breathe..
but I am going to do a 10k on Thanksgiving, so have to train for that!
I am going to focus on getting my eating back under control..
no more "well.. I ran three miles, so I can have that cookie"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day one

I have officially decided,, yet again.. that I am rebooting my ww's plan..
I have been mushy about needing to "start fresh"
I know.. but this time I am serious..

how many times have I said that?
too many to count.
this time it will stick.

I want so bad to be done by the end of the year.
done with losing weight
done with being jealous of all those who can lose and do it so easily
done with kicking myself for staying the same or even gaining every week
done with not loving myself enough to be a big girl and get my mind in it once and for all!

I'm taking my materials out tonight and actually reading them
and actually applying it
every day
all day
no more excuses and letting myself off the hook

I have 25ish pounds to go and goddess knows I am going to do it!

I will be tracking and planning and posting it all here

so get ready to be bombarded with me :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I stayed the same on my ww's weigh in.
not to shabby for missing a week, right?

this week I am determined to go DOWN!
I get stuck at the little losses and stay the same for weeks.. then BOOM I go down.
I am making that happen this week!

Our challenge is to track everything we eat today.
no problem!
I am also going to make sure I get all my water and activity in.
Every day!
ok. no activity today, since it is my night to stay home with the hubs. Also.. we get to stay home and pass out candy!
we've never been able to.. and now the kids are bigger.

here's to a great week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

too much going on!

I always forget to update you guys!
 I am so sorry..

I am still working hard, but forget to bloggy about it

I skipped weight watchers Saturday but for a good reason
my hubs went to the gym with me for an early morning workout!
even after drinking and hanging with the guys the night before :)
what a trooper

we had to make it an early workout because the rec center closed early for a Halloween party.
of course we dressed up!
Can I tell ya how stoked I am to see COLLARBONES???!!!

the creepyness on the left is the hubster

the teenagers.. the middle one is mine!

 creepy cookie time!
us as skellies..

the little ones were off as soon as we got in the door and didn't see em till it was time to go.. so I didn't get any pics of them lol

but this week for my little black skirt challenge.. I am focusing on water. and taking my vitamins. and my thyroid meds.
every day!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A little sore n stiff

But I ran a 41 minute 5k! woot!!
dressed as a zombie too..

it was a blast.
I've ran at least one 5k a week.. at the gym.. on the treadmill. in the air conditioning..

so this was HARD!
it was outside.
in the sun
on the rough cement
with 1200 other people..

but I DID IT!
see??  my place 706
my name :)    Sugar Whiting    
city     Bountiful  UT   
my numba     809 
age group 19-34   
time!   41:50.2    13:27/M

I managed to finally lost the 5 pounds I've gained.. so I'm back to my lowest number! now.. hopefully my new (since I've stopped taking it for a year or so, it's new) thyroid meds will kick in and I can reach my goal by the end of the year!
I can make a new years resolution other than to lose weight..
how cool would that be?!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a zombie runner!

I'm officially an Undead Runner!
The run is tomorrow..
we get to dress like zombies!
I'll be back with pics soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

100 posts!! and my thyroid

This is my 100th post people!
I need to have a party!!!

Maybe a giveaway?

I'll round up sumthin...

I got a call from my dr.. my last bloodwork showed my thyroid is low.. again..

I prolly shouldn't have taken myself off my medication a while ago..
but I forgot to take em..
and my tests have been good for a year or so..
I figured I didn't need them anymore..


so.. I get to pick up a new script this week.. and get back on my synthroid.
yay. (that's a sarchastic yay btw)

who knows.. maybe it will help me reach my goal.

I am also wearing this super sexy heart monitor for a couple more hours.
just to check in why I'm having palpitations.
and go figure.. I don't feel them.
just like when you take your car to a mechanic cuz it's making a noise.

eh well..

roll with it!

I'll be back in a bit with maybe a giveaway!

Monday, October 10, 2011

checkin in and walking fun

I'm checking in for my weekly Little Black skirt challenge..
I am up a little still.. but no biggie.. it will come off.
I know what I've done wrong and am currently fixing it.
I had my last dr visit with my amazing dr.. she is moving to another state. ugh. I'm gonna miss her.
she never made me feel like a hypochondriac. at all. ever.
I know my body and I can pretty much pinpoint what is wrong with me, so when I go for a dr visit, she just confirms and treats. easy.
now I have no clue what to do.

she did mention I have PCOS.
I never heard this before.
I've suspected it for years. The belly fat, the, uh hem.. extra hair where women shouldn't have extra hair.. the HARDEST time evah losing weight... etc..
not sure what to do about it now.

I am officially a participant in the Dr Oz n Weight Watchers Transformation Nation contest..
I'm sooooo gonna win the million dollars peeps. fer realz.

I am back on track officially this week. Today in fact.
I am tracking. I am counting. I am exercising. (like that ever stops)

Saturday was the Breast Cancer awareness walk.
I have lots of pics.
it was a blast!

have a great day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a quickie

I'm going to a new yoga class..
it's tai-chi yoga..
I am soooo excited..
and better yet..
I'm bringing three teenagers with me!
they love coming to yoga with me..

I am feeling bloated and icky this last week..
not sure why..
maybe too many veggies making me "gassy"?

this saturday I am doing the Breast Cancer walk that is supposed to be huge here.. of course.. I signed my girls up too.. good thing it's just a walk.. my little one barely made it through her 5k for school lol

then.. next Sunday..
get this!
We are all dressing up like Zombies and I am running an Undead 5k and they are walking an Undead mile!
how sweet is that!

I will of course, take lots of pics!

I am not giving up people!
my food tracking and my body may not be cooperating.. but I will not stop!

I also have to share a lil moment I had with the hubsters..
he told me he was kind of getting nervous about me losing all this weight..
that I am becoming "hot" again and that makes him somewhat scared I am going to, idk.. leave him..
so not true!
I told him, honestly, that I am doing this for ME!
and that is so true..
I said it out loud.
I am doing this for ME!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

back on track

so.. yesterday..
I was feeling crappy..
so I stayed home from work
watched all my dvr'd shows..
bitchin kitchen
rachel ray
dr oz

and lemme tell ya
dr oz was amazing!
there was this woman who was making it her goal to be the fatest person in the world. ever.
1800 pounds
she believed she was healthy.
she was over 700 pounds and believes she is not doing any harm to her body.

I was sad when I watched this show.

I am trying to do everything I can to be healthy and happy.. and she is getting paid to eat. yep.
men are paying to watch her eat.
sorry.. but this is gross.

I went grocery shopping.
I have my healthy yummy foods packed and ready to go today.
I am back on track

hopefully I can get rid of this extra poundage I've managed to find..

Monday, October 3, 2011

weekly progress check in

Thank you Thursday's child for the reminder email to put my check in post up..

I am not feeling well today, so I will keep it short..
I did not lose.
in fact.. I'm pretty sure I gained..

last week was tough for watching my weight.
I seem to have forgot to eat well..

but I walked a 5k with my youngest daughter on Saturday..
that was fun..

then the hubs went to the gym with me.. so I jogged for an hour.. he walked and said it was great!
I can't wait to see him go back..

I missed some exercise and didn't track much.. but this week will be better..
since I can go grocery shopping today!
I am going to basically start over with my body for life challenge and weight watchers will be a boost too..
I signed up for Dr oz's challenge.. it is sponsored or something by weight watchers.. but there is a chance to win a million dollars! whoop! if that isn't incentive.. I don't know what is!

so.. short n sweet.. I'm gonna take a nap now..

see ya soon!

oh wait.. before I go...
see what cute things I got for my kitchen this weekend..

I also got some little ramekins...
if this doesn't want me to make healthy goodies for me and my family.. I must be nuts!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

life get's in the way?

why do people say that?
how can 'life" get in the way?

is that just an excuse for not doing what we tell ourselves we need to be doing?

I think so.

I am the princess of excuses.

I'm in pain.
My back is killing me.
My body is achey.
My head hurts.
I can't walk very far..

those were alllll excused I've used in the past.
up until
about a year and a half ago..

then.. I woke up
who says I can't make better choices for myself?
why can't I get on that treadmill and do what I CAN?
why was I letting "life" get in my way of happiness?

I was lazy.
I was truly in pain. every day. still am. Just not to the extent as before.
but I learned to cope
and deal

and live.

I am "life"
no more letting myself get in my own way.

tomorrow is the hubster's n mine 15 year anniversary.
are we going to go to dinner?
am I going to eat pasta?
am I going to let myself feel guilty about enjoying "life" for one night
I am going to give myself over to the experience and the company
I don't have to eat the whole plate or the entire basket of bread.
I can still be "good"
and I will be.
but I am not going to cheat myself out of a special night just because I am afraid of what the scale might say about it.
I am allowing myself to be "normal" and that's ok.

I don't have to deprive myself from anything.
Everything in moderation is perfect. The perfect way to live.
I have lost almost 60 pounds by living this way.
I am going to love myself and enjoy myself.
I will be just fine :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

little black skirt challenge check in

well. I know.
I've been mia this week. er. last week.
but I've been BUSY man!

I've been logging my miles..33.15 miles to be exact.. mostly running..but not too shabby eh?

I lost three of the five pounds I gained the week before.. yay!

so now.. only 4.2 to go to get my 30# loss.. then another 20#'s and I will be a lifetime member of weight watchers.. I'm so close!
not really.. but definately closer than I was when I started..

so.. I made my goal this week to follow my weight watchers plan exactly. To get all my protein and "right" carbs in for Body for life..

me and the hubs made a compromise..
I will stay home with him one night a week. No scrapbooking, no writing, no working out. for one night.
and he will go to the gym with me one day a week..

what a deal huh?
I'd love for him to see how great it feels to get your body going and how much energy he can have.. and just feel better!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little black skirt challenge

I know.. It's really called The Christmas dress challenge.. but yanno..
I tried on the "little black skirt" and it really isn't as "little" as I thought..
but it is a black is slinky and stretchy..
which means..
"shows everything being squished inside"

my goals for the next 12 weeks..

1. Follow my Weight watchers plan.. that's a no brainer. You'd think.. I can't seem to follow it..
2. get my tracking in. every day!
3. exercise. (this ones easy)
4. water water water
5. make sure I'm getting enough protein. Being Vegetarian and running.. I need lotsa protein. Kinda hard to do for me.
6. This is going to be my big one. NO MORE EXCUSES!

mkay. so here's my weight for the start of this challenge.
I am soo disgusted with myself. I gained 5 frekin pounds last week.
I had every excuse in the book.
I injured myself..(which I did)
I ate poorly (no reason other than I got lazy)
I couldn't exercise as much as I used to..
blah blah..

my starting weight is ...



I know.

I was 157 the week before.
sick huh?

I will look back at this post in December.. and say..

oooh. I DID lose alot of weight..

Monday, September 12, 2011

another challenge?

I finished the slimmer this summer challenge by losing about 9 pounds. not too bad?

I signed up for Thursday's Child Christmas dress challenge
(since I don't celebrate "Christmas" I think I'll call mine the little black skirt challenge :)

I have this little black skirt.. I sooo want to wear it proudly.. with some tall black boots n maybe a sexy lil top..
But for now.. it sits in my closet.. waiting for me to put it on..and actually wear it out of the house..

 I'm going to work on toning up and getting my goal with WW's..

Friday, September 2, 2011

thanks hungry girl

I picked this lil recipe from hungry girl.. and made it for dinner..

baked some wonton wrappers

mixed boca crumbles, vegetarian refried beans, and taco seasoning..

cooked it 

added lettuce to the mini shells
topped with the bean and crumbles..

some ff cheese
a bit of sour cream, salsa, olives and tomato.

It was sooooo yummy..
even the youngest loved it.. bite sized anything rules!