Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I did pretty good..

it was a loooong holiday weekend.
I took two days off.. then we got Monday off.. so I had a total of five days off!!
do you think I got anything done that I wanted to?
I got a few things checked off my list..
but nothing big.
eh well.
I did get a workout in every day though.. and a couple trips to the park to walk the doggies..

I checked in at ww's.. I am up .6 again.. but I suppose thats not too horrible considering we had a parade the night before.. and I drank a ton of diet soda. I think it made me a lil bloated..

I took the girls to a lil carnival after working out.. I had some nachos and another diet soda.. mmmmmm (wait.. no.. they were icky) lol.. that's what I have to tell myself.. food is icky.. right?

I did discover a great way to not eat goodies at a party..
invite six or seven teenagers and a couple of pre-teens..
turn on guitar hero
put food on table.
walk away..
make sure you're arms are still attached. lol

I managed a couple carrots and maybe one or two crackers with homemade guac and salsa..
great way to avoid the extra calories! :)

I made some awesome potato salad for lunch yesterday..
I used three smallish potatoes leftover from a bbq the night before
added some dijon mustard
salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic salt

I chopped up some celery, cilantro, a pickle and some onion (please forgive my crappy phone pics..)

added some light mayo

 and some fresh homegrown dill mmmmm
 taa-daa yummy potato salad
I got three servings.. which equal about 7 P+ per serving.. soooo worth it to me :)

my plan for today

a protein smoothie.. mmmmm these are soooo yummy..
a scoop of protein powder
some frozen fruit
ice and water..
yummmmyyy!! 2P+
a grapefruit 0P+

a ww's frozen dinner.. baked ziti 5P+
a peach 0P+

a granola bar pre-gym 5P+

dinner? probably a salad or some whole grain pasta salad.. ooh that sounds good.. add some veggies.. yumo!

I am going to continue to do well this week.. because I finally decided.. I am worth it!
I watched Oprah yesterday.. at the gym..
and it was an episode where she had a bunch of people she's inspired and helped to lose weight.
I was finally able to click in my head.. that all these people can lose soooo much weight.. and they finally decided they are worth it.. so why aren't I? why can't I do it?
I think that is what has been holding me back..
yes..I've lost 50 pounds.
but I still have at least 30 to go.. to be completely happy..
and I know I can't get hung up on the number. but it is a number to measure by..
so.. I think by asking myself, why can't I? I finallly can find an answer..for myself.
instead of just thinking.. I can do it..
because that isn't working as of now..
I have to challenge myself.. why not?
I hope this makes sense.
thanks Oprah!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

today's plan

I am a wee bit sore from my 5k last night.. but I totally rocked it!
the hubs and the kidlets came to support me..and that meant everything!
I finished first.. can you believe it?
I know it wasn't a race, but it was the best feeling evah to be first at something!
I jogged most of the time.. and slowed to catch my breath a few times.. but didn't stop.. once!

I finished in 36 minutes.. seriously!

so.. today's plan..

a bowl of the new Fiber one 80 calorie cereal.. which is sooooo yummy btw.. 4 p+ with milk
a lean cuisine pizza.. the one with tomatoes.. soooo good.. 8p+
some celery with ff cream cheese 2p+
and something nummy for dinner..maybe grill some veggies
then hit the gym tonight.. I missed the stairmaster last night.. due to me forgetting that I signed up for a 5k.. but it was good.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a new week.. time to start fresh!

I know.. I've said that alot lately.

I need help!

this week.. I mean it!

I am stocked up on lots of fruits n veggies n healthy snacks
so I have no reason to eat crap


I was up .8 at weigh in.
which..given my record the last couple of weeks.. I'll take it.

I haven't tracked
I haven't tried to lose
I gave up basically

but I'm not ready to lose (tee-hee) that's bad wording.

but I am a fighter
so here I go..

this week's plan
eat all my fruits n veggies
get my five pound sticker.. which will be my 25 pound charm with weight watchers.
I have a new goal
I want that damn charm!
it will be 3 pounds this week.. but I can do it
I've done it before..

My plan for today.
Grapefruit and greek yogurt for b-fast ..yummy 3 points +
lean cuisine and salad for lunch mmmmm  9 p+
cherries for snack before workout 0 p+
ff popcorn for snack after workout 1 points +

big salad for dinner mmmmmmm
another gym workout after dinner.. gonna beat that stairmasters arse!

I'm still a little sore from my awesome yoga class yesterday, but I am going to be continuing my weight training progam ala me.. I don't really have a great "plan" here.. I am just doing workouts as I see them.. so if anyone has a great fat blasting, muscle building program.. could ya help me out here?

I almost forgot.. I'm running a 5k tonight! with our weight watchers group.. it's just for fun.. but whoop! I'm gonna sweat some poundage off for sure!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lookey what I got today

Thanks to another hot ass blogger.. Kirsten
I gots me a lil bookey to read and review..
so.. I'll read it and take notes.. n get a review goin.
Yay me!!

Thanks Kirsten!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I skipped my Weight Watcher's weigh in on Saturday.
I just needed to sleep.
which I did
Until 10 am!

but according to my scale at home I am down a pound.

I have been struggling with motivation this last couple weeks.
I just haven't had it in me to track or even stay on plan.
I've craved crap

but this week
I am putting my foot down
I've come too far to waste all this hard work to gain it all back
I've lost 52 pounds so far
I realized yesterday.. and told the hubs..
I haven't weighed this weight since I was preggers with our 10 year old.
I seriously almost started crying people.
I remember.. I was all set to join the Army in 2000..March I believe.
I was packed and papers signed.
the morning I was supposed to leave, they did one last weigh in (I was border line then) and they said I was about a pound over.
I was devistated.
We(my recruiter and I) tried desperately for three days (since they gave me a second chance) to lose that one pound.
never came off..
and voila.. I found out I was pregnant.
so.. I suppose it all works out for a reason or another.

I weighed what I do now.
it feels good!
I would love to lose another 30 pounds.
I AM going to lose another 30 pounds!

I have to share a recipe I played with last night.
I wanted spaghetti
but also wanted something cheesy

so I made this..

started with penne
oh yeah.. please forgive my crappy pics. My phone has a mind of it's own.. I even used the flash.. go figure..

then added some fresh basil from my window herb garden
and some chopped cheese

then added some spaghetti sauce and cottage cheese.. some seasonings (italian seasoning, salt, pepper)

and the finished product

mmmm all warm n gooey from the oven..
it tasted like lasagna a little..
I got nine servings from this batch and figure it to be 4 points plus.. seriously.. and that was using the recipe builder.. nice huh?

I wish my camera would work better.. I need to learn how to use it I guess..

so.. this week for my slimmer this summer week 6 challenge

I am going to re-boot my mind.
I am determined to do it!

an update on the strength training..
can you say SORE? holy cow!
I am glad for the weekend to recover..
my legs are so painfully sore..
but now I know I have muscles to burn!!

I did get my running in though.. I can do two and a half miles now.. woohoo!! I am going to try for three by the end of the week. that is jogging the whole time..and it's hard! and sweaty!

so.. on to a new week.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I hope my jeans weigh 5 pounds

yeah.. it's been that kinda week
I admit I haven't really tried.
what is wrong with me?
I hate that I won't try
I know what I need to do
but I just don't have it in me this week..
or last week..


I hope my jeans weigh five pounds today
cuz tomorrow is gonna suck
I have nobody to blame but myself
and that bites

I feel like crap
and I could go on

why do I do this to myself?
I know how good it feels to be eating right and treating my body with respect
but somehow I just haven't done it
I've given up..
no willpower
no motivation

can someone kick my ass back on track?

I'm so done with this..

I know all the excuses
I just don't want to use them anymore
I want to be strong and just get this last 30 pounds off already


I'm done

onward and upward (hopefully downward)

oh.. guess what I've been "googling"

I found and printed this
workout log

I am going to have one for upper body and one for lower body.. two for each day

muscle and strength.com
this awesome workout..

I am going to try this and see if it helps my motivation and stuff..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Damage control

ok so first I have to say how disappointed I am in our justice system. Poor Caylee.. ugh..
that's all I have to say about that.
It totally breaks my heart and makes me sad that her mother got away with murder.


I had a bad (horrible) weekend.
It was a blast, but I ate crap.
alot of crap.
I managed to only gain a couple pounds though, so I am off to a good start for the damage control.
I tried to eat right.
I really did
but all the goodies over the holiday begged me to eat them.
so I nibbled some.
I tasted some..
I drank alot.
water too.. lol
I went on a hike for a couple hours.

with the kidlets.
I played badminton
I went to the gym a couple times.
I played alllll day yesterday at Boondocks ( A local family fun center) idk.. it might be national.

that's where I got in trouble.
I had ice cream
with toppings
and yanno..
I didn't let it make me feel guilty.
that's a good thing.
I didn't hate myself after having a treat.

it was the whole weekend of treats that bug me.
I'm picking myself up and wiping myself off and starting over with a fresh week (few days) until weigh in.
I will be good the rest of the week. That's the deal I made with myself. sometimes it is just too much to "eat right" allll the time. yanno?

so.. this week. I am going to "cram" good stuff in.
totally double time the exerciseness and water..

I'll be back in a bit with more goodies

Friday, July 1, 2011

making me happy

I haven't been very good this week with the weight loss..I'll find out tomorrow..
but I had to stop at a local nursery and browse.
bright pretty flowers make me smile
they make me happy
so I bought some
I got some snapdragons and other bright pretties..
I'll take a pic when I get them planted.. which will be tonight probably
just strolling around the little place made me happy
the dragonflies were everywhere!
I told my daughter they were fairies.
she thought so too
awesome :)

have a great Independence day everyone..
I'll be back Wednesday with lots of pics.