Tuesday, September 27, 2011

life get's in the way?

why do people say that?
how can 'life" get in the way?

is that just an excuse for not doing what we tell ourselves we need to be doing?

I think so.

I am the princess of excuses.

I'm in pain.
My back is killing me.
My body is achey.
My head hurts.
I can't walk very far..

those were alllll excused I've used in the past.
up until
about a year and a half ago..

then.. I woke up
who says I can't make better choices for myself?
why can't I get on that treadmill and do what I CAN?
why was I letting "life" get in my way of happiness?

I was lazy.
I was truly in pain. every day. still am. Just not to the extent as before.
but I learned to cope
and deal

and live.

I am "life"
no more letting myself get in my own way.

tomorrow is the hubster's n mine 15 year anniversary.
are we going to go to dinner?
am I going to eat pasta?
am I going to let myself feel guilty about enjoying "life" for one night
I am going to give myself over to the experience and the company
I don't have to eat the whole plate or the entire basket of bread.
I can still be "good"
and I will be.
but I am not going to cheat myself out of a special night just because I am afraid of what the scale might say about it.
I am allowing myself to be "normal" and that's ok.

I don't have to deprive myself from anything.
Everything in moderation is perfect. The perfect way to live.
I have lost almost 60 pounds by living this way.
I am going to love myself and enjoy myself.
I will be just fine :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

little black skirt challenge check in

well. I know.
I've been mia this week. er. last week.
but I've been BUSY man!

I've been logging my miles..33.15 miles to be exact.. mostly running..but not too shabby eh?

I lost three of the five pounds I gained the week before.. yay!

so now.. only 4.2 to go to get my 30# loss.. then another 20#'s and I will be a lifetime member of weight watchers.. I'm so close!
not really.. but definately closer than I was when I started..

so.. I made my goal this week to follow my weight watchers plan exactly. To get all my protein and "right" carbs in for Body for life..

me and the hubs made a compromise..
I will stay home with him one night a week. No scrapbooking, no writing, no working out. for one night.
and he will go to the gym with me one day a week..

what a deal huh?
I'd love for him to see how great it feels to get your body going and how much energy he can have.. and just feel better!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little black skirt challenge

I know.. It's really called The Christmas dress challenge.. but yanno..
I tried on the "little black skirt" and it really isn't as "little" as I thought..
but it is a black skirt..it is slinky and stretchy..
which means..
"shows everything being squished inside"

my goals for the next 12 weeks..

1. Follow my Weight watchers plan.. that's a no brainer. You'd think.. I can't seem to follow it..
2. get my tracking in. every day!
3. exercise. (this ones easy)
4. water water water
5. make sure I'm getting enough protein. Being Vegetarian and running.. I need lotsa protein. Kinda hard to do for me.
6. This is going to be my big one. NO MORE EXCUSES!

mkay. so here's my weight for the start of this challenge.
I am soo disgusted with myself. I gained 5 frekin pounds last week.
I had every excuse in the book.
I injured myself..(which I did)
I ate poorly (no reason other than I got lazy)
I couldn't exercise as much as I used to..
blah blah..

my starting weight is ...



I know.

I was 157 the week before.
sick huh?

I will look back at this post in December.. and say..

oooh. I DID lose alot of weight..

Monday, September 12, 2011

another challenge?

I finished the slimmer this summer challenge by losing about 9 pounds. not too bad?

I signed up for Thursday's Child Christmas dress challenge
(since I don't celebrate "Christmas" I think I'll call mine the little black skirt challenge :)

I have this little black skirt.. I sooo want to wear it proudly.. with some tall black boots n maybe a sexy lil top..
But for now.. it sits in my closet.. waiting for me to put it on..and actually wear it out of the house..

 I'm going to work on toning up and getting my goal with WW's..

Friday, September 2, 2011

thanks hungry girl

I picked this lil recipe from hungry girl.. and made it for dinner..

baked some wonton wrappers

mixed boca crumbles, vegetarian refried beans, and taco seasoning..

cooked it 

added lettuce to the mini shells
topped with the bean and crumbles..

some ff cheese
a bit of sour cream, salsa, olives and tomato.

It was sooooo yummy..
even the youngest loved it.. bite sized anything rules!