Friday, August 10, 2012

killin it in the gym

last night, I decided to try my own crossfit workouts again.
and I killed it!
my body is definately telling me all about it today

I did
30# deadlifts x15
25#squats x15
wall ball throws with 10# medicine ball x15
sit ups with medicine ball x20
bicycles x20
box jumps x15
planks x30 seconds
some mountain climber things x15

then repeated this again
and again
added a whopping 5 burpees on the end!

I body was shaking and I almost fell down the stairs of the gym.
yeah. I had to stop a few times and wait for my legs to catch up.
I'm sure the muscle heads at the bottom would have enjoyed seeing arse in the air.
but not this time bitches!

I feel goood!

*** # means pounds, x means reps :) *** but I'm sure you figured that out

I found an app for my kindle fire that lets me pull up a WOD at random. I have to stick with the easy peasy ones for now, until I get up the nerve to venture down there to play with the big boys. I know I shouldn't care what they think, but as there are only ever one or two females in the "weight" area.. it's a little intimidating.

but when I'm all buff n shiz.. I'll be right there pumpin with the rest of em!


ike said...

Way to go Girl - you show 'em xxxxxxxxxxxx

ike said...

I'm so proud of you :-D xxxxxxxxxxx