Monday, April 22, 2013


I made it to the gym yesterday after a crazy busy week..

had work. and school -clinicals to be exact. those are exhausting but so worth it!

I ran almost 5 miles. 4.85.. I just didn't have it in me to get that last .15
my back was screaming for me to stop.
I think it was the eight hours on my feet the day before.. I'm not used to it.

it will get better..

but I am signed up for lots of fun coming up.. so far

**maybe June 8 Dirty Dash

June 20-22 Ragnar

July 24th Handcart days half marathon

I'm so excited!! now if I can get my body to cooperate lol

I haven't really dedicated myself to an eating plan as of yet.. but I am going to have to do something. and fast!

any suggestions?
I am a vegetarian so no meat.. low carbs preferably..

I've tried doing paleo vegetarian.. it was doable, but hard. so maybe I can do that again. it did make me feel sooo much better and I did lose a little weight.

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Diandra said...

One thing I am reading up on at the moment is the influence of food oin hormones and hence health. The most detailed source I have found so far is "The Leptin Diet" by Byron J. Richards. It is not so much a diet or lifestyle change, more an explanation of how and what and when we eat influences our hormones and may lead to improved or deteriorating health. There is tons of information and the five basic rules out on the internet, so no need to buy the book unless you really want to - maybe give it a try? (It should go really well with Paleo as well as vegetarian, so you might even combine everything.)