Monday, February 25, 2013

went to the gym

my girls and I went to the gym last night..

I soooo missed it!!

I have basically lost all my endurance and strength from my long period of lazyness, not working out and I didn't last long..

got a two mile run in.. very slowly..

got half an hour or so of some weight lifting in.. again.. very slowly..and weakly..

but I went

and I'm sore today!

holy shiz

I had a big salad for dinner.. I've been eating alot of salads
 mmmm love em..

I'm going to try to focus on getting back on the "low carb" plan again.
I mentioned to my rheumy last time I was in, some of my symptoms.. and he suggested celiac.. but I need to see my regular dr to be tested for that.. ugh.

makes sense though.

so.. that's my plan. It might take some time to get back into the swing of eating non processed foods again. I've been addicted to crap lately. so bad.

but I'm going to do it.

how is everyone doing  this week?

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Diandra said...

The good thing is that, since you have worked out before, your endurance and strength will probably return in no time!