Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm a quitter!

Of diet soda that is. I generally drink at least a liter or two of diet soda every day. Yes, I have a problem.
Sitting here, on my couch, when I should be doing homework, Dr Oz is on and his segment today is about diet soda. It's kinda freaking me out. So, I google. Diet Soda. Research says drinkers of diet soda have larger waists, risk for diabetes, and so much more. I switched to diet years ago thinking that it will help me lose weight. It hasn't. Shocker!  I know artificial sweeteners are bad for me. I KNOW this. Being the addicted to food and anything bad for me, person that I am, I can't stop.
I HAVE TO stop.
Today will be the last day of diet soda for me. I am hoping it will help me lose some weight, help with my headaches and maybe feel better. I love tea, so I will switch to that for my caffeine fix.
Has anyone else tried to quit and succeeded?? I need encouragement!

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