Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I stayed the same on my ww's weigh in.
not to shabby for missing a week, right?

this week I am determined to go DOWN!
I get stuck at the little losses and stay the same for weeks.. then BOOM I go down.
I am making that happen this week!

Our challenge is to track everything we eat today.
no problem!
I am also going to make sure I get all my water and activity in.
Every day!
ok. no activity today, since it is my night to stay home with the hubs. Also.. we get to stay home and pass out candy!
we've never been able to.. and now the kids are bigger.

here's to a great week!


My Kid's Mom said...

Hey, staying the same is a lot better than going up!

Bluezy said...

Good going. WW is a great program. Have I weighed down your comments with my long ass weight watcher who looked like a model story? She kept staring at me when I was about 30 yrs old and fat. We were sitting in a jacuzzi next to a pool when I lived in Vegas, then. She finally fessed up and told me that she had once looked like me, but had done the WW program. She said it is the only thing that worked for her and to keep it off. (That is the short version) LOL. This happened to me twice where I got a testimonial without asking from a stranger who did WW. I have no problem with it...but I guess I stood out or reminded them of who they were once. To bad I didn't run to WW then...

Good journey. Good dieting to you.

Michele said...

Okay. Staying the same: now bad. But, here is to a strong week with a loss!

Miz said...

some times
staying the same ROCKS.


Fatoutofskinny said...

Staying the same....not too shabby. You could say that you are practicing maintenance!

EmptyNester said...

Staying the same I can deal with. Losing- no problem. Gaining- YIKES!!! LOL

Hope y'all had a great Halloween!