Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a quickie

I'm going to a new yoga class..
it's tai-chi yoga..
I am soooo excited..
and better yet..
I'm bringing three teenagers with me!
they love coming to yoga with me..

I am feeling bloated and icky this last week..
not sure why..
maybe too many veggies making me "gassy"?

this saturday I am doing the Breast Cancer walk that is supposed to be huge here.. of course.. I signed my girls up too.. good thing it's just a walk.. my little one barely made it through her 5k for school lol

then.. next Sunday..
get this!
We are all dressing up like Zombies and I am running an Undead 5k and they are walking an Undead mile!
how sweet is that!

I will of course, take lots of pics!

I am not giving up people!
my food tracking and my body may not be cooperating.. but I will not stop!

I also have to share a lil moment I had with the hubsters..
he told me he was kind of getting nervous about me losing all this weight..
that I am becoming "hot" again and that makes him somewhat scared I am going to, idk.. leave him..
so not true!
I told him, honestly, that I am doing this for ME!
and that is so true..
I said it out loud.
I am doing this for ME!


Empty Nester said...

You have the right attitude! And being surrounded by such a support system is fantastic! Tell you hubby what I tell mine, why the heck would I leave you to spend years training another man? LOL

Chinagirl said...

I can just say "amen" to what EmptyNester said. hahaha
It's great, that he thinks, you will become hot again. Isn't that the best compliment you can get? That is motivation pure! It at least would be for me. :-)