Monday, December 12, 2011

stayin the same is not ok

September 10 I weighed 157.2
Saturday I weighed 157.8
Obviously the week of the "yogurt diet" didn't work. so I decided it's not for me. It didn't seem healthy for me.

I have stayed the same or gained and lost the same two-3 pounds since then.
I am not making progress.

I am asking myself why.
Am I really trying?
I can honestly answer that with a NO.
Then I have to wonder, well why the hell not?!

I NEED to lose weight.
I WANT to lose weight.
I KNOW HOW to lose weight.

so what is stopping me?
myself of course.
no one else.
nothing else.
just me.

We got all new materials at Weight Watchers this weekend.
I am going to study them.
I am going to learn them.
I am going to live them.

Another member reached their goal weight and I want to be that person!
I neeeeed to be that person.

I know those cookies or treats aren't as good as they seem.
Junk food really isn't as yummy as it looks.
I need to feed my body the right way.
I need to fuel it for health and strength.

I know my battle is all mental.
I just need to master that mentality. I need to follow my Weight Watchers plan and just keep sticking it out.
it will happen!


Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

The mental part is the hardest!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Yes, if you stick to the plan and be honest with yourself it will work....imagine that.
Not that I have any room to talk!!!!
I really like the tweaks to the program though, much more flexible and "user friendly".

Diandra said...

Finding out what doesn't work for us is just as important as finding out what does, or maybe even more...

Michele said...

It is a journey. You can do it.