Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have been absent again.
but for a good reason this time.

my youngest daughter had surgery last week.
her growth plate was weak in her hip so her femur basically slipped off or something. not sure the exact wording or how it all works...
they put a screw in to hold it in place to keep it from getting worse

she did really well.. hardly had any pain. the only thing is she can't put any weight on it for four weeks.
that is forever!
especially for an 11 year old.
she's on crutches.
I'm the servant
not kidding
she has had me at her disposal 24/7 since last Tuesday.
I'm exhausted!
but I don't want to take the chance of her falling and having another surgery.
she will have to have more in the future though..

but this mommy's tired!

I did pretty well over the holiday break though.
I did eat lots of goodies and treats, but I also got a few workouts in.
haven't managed to gain so far..
*crossing my fingers*

I talked to my ww's leader last weigh in though..and she suggested I switch it up a bit.
be more in tune with the power foods.
look for more ways to change up my eating so maybe I can get the losing going again.
I have been stalled for a loooong time and nothing is working!

maybe some more classes at the rec center?
I'll try it!
I am so close though.. It's depressing!

I did buy skinny jeans this weekend.. for the first time evah!
the teenager, the little one and most importantly.. the hubs.. say they look hot on me!
so.. I'll go with it..

I got some clothes that fit finally too! I feel great.. other than being totally exhausted..
but I decided I have to really do this for me. honestly and wholeheartedly.
I just hope I have the willpower to do it.

so.. I will be examining my getting started guide. I will be reading my pocket guide front to back.
I will make sure to track everything I put in my mouth.. every exercise I accomplish.

let's do this!

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Diandra said...

This is the second time in as many days someone has been writing about "power foods". I am curious, of course... will go on an online quest in my lunch break, I fancy. ^^

There are several things that could help with a plateau - kicking it up a notch, or maybe the exact opposite: Taking a break (within reasonable limits, of course). You may have to try what works best this time - possibly your body has gotten used to what you are doing, or maybe it "thinks" you are starving... in this case a break might be good. Just a week or something.