Monday, February 13, 2012


you guessed it.
I'm slacking again.

I can't help it.
bronchitis slowed me wayyyy down..
I haven't felt like cooking.
I haven't felt like exercising. although I did a few times and didn't pass out from no oxygen. yay!

Last night I made asparagus for the first time ever!
I didn't take a pic.. cuz I burned it a lil.
it was still good. I think.
I've never had it, so I think it was ok.
maybe next time I won't burn it.

I gained .8
not too bad considering.

This week I am trying the protein shakes at lunch. along with a salad.
a bowl of cereal (raisin bran) for b-fast
some fruit n veggies for snacks
lots of water.
back to exercise.
hopefully I can get my stinkin 5 pound star I've been not working on for months!
seriously. since November!
that is stupid. seriously stupid.
I can't lose five pounds in three months?
what is wrong with me??

I've been gaining and losing the same three pounds since October.
I need a change.
and I need it NOW!

off to work I go!
I am going to be on plan and watch what I eat and my exercise so well this week, you won't know what happened!


EmptyNester said...

I don't know why the loss seems to stand still sometimes. Drives me nuts. When mine does that I either cut the food or change it and increase the exercise. Unfortunately, that led to me starting to run a few weeks ago. UGH. LOL Glad you're feeling better!

Diandra said...

Maybe your body decided winter was great for hibernating? At least I hope that is what is happening around here, I haven't lost anything since early fall (despite trying, although not too hard).

Holly L. said...

Love it - you go get that star!