Monday, February 6, 2012

Those damn cute jeans

A week or so ago, my Mother in Law ( totes adore her)
gave me a pair of jeans that she had bought for my niece. She said they didn't fit her and rather than take them back, she would love me to have them.
First, these jeans are adorable!
hip. huggers.
skinny. jeans.

but dammit, they are cute!

Size 11

which is, get this,
HALF the size I used to wear!

I can squeeeeze into them. almost button them up.

so I made a goal for myself.
no way am I giving these back. or giving them to my teenager.
they're all mine baby!

When my birthday comes, March 7th.
I WILL fit into these jeans!
no negotiations.

Every ounce of willpower and strenght I have will be summoned and used for the next 31 days.
Wednesday March 7th, I will put them on and take a pic.
That is how determined I am.

Zumba, yoga, running and everything I can get my body to do.. HERE I COME!

not to mention tracking, eating only nutritious and healthy food that is going to fuel my body..

now that I have it in writing.. let's do this!

anyone else have something they would like to make a goal and join me?

comment or email me!
it will rock!


E. Jane said...

Great goal! Can't wait to see the picture--you can do it!

Diandra said...

It's easier when you'Ve got a visible goal dangling in front of your nose, right? Good luck (and lots of success)!