Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not really an update

I don't have much to update you on this week..
I did lose the weight I've been struggling with the last four months...
I am now at my lowest ww's weight since joining..
just 1.6 to go to get my 30# loss..
then just 14#'s to reach my goal..
doesn't seem like all that much, but I just can't seem to go down and keep going down..
I have tried rethinking everything.. I have tweaked and tested.. nothing has worked.
I am tracking.
I am mixing up my exercise.
I am not drinking more water.
that is my goal this week.. water water water!
if I pee my pants. it will be worth it to see another loss Saturday.

I am loving my polar hrm. I wear it every day I workout. I love seeing all the calories add up.. I hope to be able to figure out how to make spreadsheets to share.. I can't figure out how I got the last one I had.. ugh!
off to conquer the world.


E. Jane said...

Congrats on being at your lowest WW's weight. Losing almost 30 pounds is amazing! The polar is very nice and helpful. I have a body media device, and I love it! Have a great day!

Diandra said...

Yeah, those last 10-15 pounds stick around forever. Tell me about it! But we're not giving up... oh, and congratulations on the new low!