Thursday, March 29, 2012

still here

I'm still kickin..
not kick ass.. but just kickin..
I am stalled.
seriously plateaued people

help me!!!!!

I've been battling the same two pounds for six months now.. or more.. this is stupid. really really stupid.

I have decided Weight Watchers may be giving me too much "freedom". I am going to combine it with Sparkpeople. I think I need to see my actual calories, in and out.
I am going to bump up my protein with shakes and other things.. not too much a vegetarian can use.. specially one that doesn't care for tofu...

I went to a body tone class and was literally sore all over for a week. I need to do this every week.
I am going to mix up my workouts. I am pumping up my weight training.

I can do this! I have a plan. I am writing it down. I am sticking it to my fridge. I am going to get past this @#$#@$%$#%^& and start moving down.
I can taste my goal. My blood, sweat and tears are worth it!


spunkysuzi said...

I have to admit I've gravitated to counting calories! For me it is what is working right now.
Never give up!!

Diandra said...

Same here... even while counting calories. Well, possibly I should also stick to my limits...