Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday Run and other weekly sharing goodies

I missed going to the gym Sunday.. so me n my youngest went on a run.. outside!
it was around 45ish degrees outside.. not to cold to run..

I ran about four miles..
took some pics while warmin up

The moon
 the sun
 Lacey and a big ass tree
 we stopped to teeter-totter

It was a great run!

got a new tatt.. the "om" sign.. it is special to me :)

I tried not drinking my diet dr peppers this week.. nope! didn't work. I lasted a day and a half.. but I am considerably lowering my artificial sweetened carbonated beverages from now on... at least until I can break myself of this bad habit. I know they are bad for me. I just can't stop! I need an intervention..stat!

I got another new tatt.. for my b-day! It's not finished.. Im going back in a couple weeks to finish it.. its on the underside of my upper arm :)

I am eating more veggies.. but still not eating the best for me.. I just can't get out of the bad food habit.. ugh!
I am addicted to pinterest. lots of good, healthy recipes there.. go check it out!

I am going to run a half marathon in July! I will start training for it now.. I can get six miles before I get bored.. I need to figure something else to distract me.. angry birds and words with friends on my Kindle help some...
but I will be a half marathoner!! woot!!

mkay.. that's about it for this week!!
enjoy your weekend :)


Diandra said...

How do you play angry birds while running???

Sugar said...

I prop my kindle on the treadmill :) it makes a great distraction!