Monday, April 16, 2012


I've been so super busy lately I haven't had time to breathe.. mkay.. maybe a lil inhaling..exhaling..

I was .2 away from getting my next 5# sticker.. which would be 30#'s..
four days of fun.. hiking.. driving.. eating crap..
no exercise..
I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning..
up ten pounds.
ten pounds in four days?

I'm going to try my hardest to get back down.
I hate myself right now.
I have fought so hard to reach this goal.. and to be so close then throw it all away. It's very discouraging.

I know the vacation was worth it. We needed a break.
but I didn't need to eat all those treats and snacks.

I am so ticked at myself.

but it is what it is.
the damage is done.
now I have to pick myself up and move on.
I hope I learned my lesson. and thank the goddess we don't go on many vacations!


Diandra said...

You know what is coming... for those ten pounds to be "real weight" (aka fat), you would have had to eat at least twenty pizzas in four days, in addition to your average food. So you know the drill... back to veggies and fruit, drink lots of water, get rid of the salt. Most of it should come off in a matter of days.

And: No need to hate yourself, you'll just spoil your fun after you had it. That's not worth the trouble, I tell you.

Sugar said...

thanks sweety.. it definately wasnt that bad lol.. but no exercise and eating out was pretty bad
I'm drinking water like it's my job! :)