Monday, April 23, 2012

six months

This is getting real people!

It has been six months since I've plateaued...
SIX months people!
 I feel like a failure
big fat failure
I've let myself down
I've let my kids down
I've let my hubby down

I say I have been "trying" to lose this last bit (big bit) of weight for months, but have I really been trying?
my mind and heart say no
that is hard to hear myself say
harder to let you read

I get comments almost daily
"you've lost so much weight"
"you are getting so skinny"
"what are you doing, you look great"


I smile and say thanks
but in my head I tell myself.. I still have a loooong way to go.
I still see myself as the fat person
the 215 pound person

I see the fat.
I see the flab.
I see the jiggles.
I feel the insecurity.

maybe that is why I am stuck
I still believe I am that person

I have lost almost 60 pounds, 159 to be exact.
I still have 25-30 to go before I will truly be happy with the scale number.
I know I won't be happy with that
The mental aspect is what's stopping me I believe.
I have come pretty far
I know that.
it has been super slow and really hard
but I've done it so far
I just haven't been able to accept that.

Everyone I know is proud of me.

I am not proud of myself.


I know I say, I need to try harder, I will stick with this or that and I never follow through.
I've given up.
but I haven't given up.
make sense?

I know I have to accept what I've accomplished and be happy with it in order to move forward.


maybe I need a therapist.
a hypnotist
a personal trainer
a personal chef


I just need to keep going.
I will not give up.


EmptyNester said...

I completely understand your frustration. I can relate 100%. I wish I couldn't. But I can. Just keep going. No matter what! I have lost 79 and STILL have another 100 to go. If I was being honest, it's another 130 to go. And, as good as I feel now, it's frustrating to know I have so much yet to go. Anyway, NO STOPPING! :)

Diandra said...

I am there as well - it can be super-frustrating! I have had to switch from "I want to lose more wieght!" to "I want to live as healthy as possible", otherwise I would only have given up and possibly re-gained the other thirty pounds by now... and it is only ten to go! Well, I am eating healthy, exercising daily and determined to enjoy my life, no matter what the calse says.