Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Early mommy's day to me

Loooook what my darling, amazing, caring, awesome hubby got me!!!

oh yeah, A Schwinn Beach Cruiser.
he luvs me yanno?

I also got a new purse.. big enough to carry my lil pink gun in!! :)

oh.. check this out..
I'm still workin out.. yup.
I am going to get that five pound star this week if it kills me..

I am less than a pound away. I can do it. I'm aiming for more.. maybe two pounds.. it's about time I aim for a bigger goal!! :)

I am still going to run a half marathon in July..

My teenage rockstar is awesome.. she's going to keep us busy, that girl.
she is almost done with her competition dance season.. and just made the High School Drill team! practices start tonight.. every night.. two a days in summer.
she rocks!

then the little one.. is the lead in the school play this Thursday..
she's going to sign up for dance now.. she loves being active too!!

ahhh.. I luv my kiddos.
I do!

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