Friday, May 11, 2012

doing good

yesterday was totally crazy!
I felt like a taxi cab service :)

had to leave work early to go to kidling number 2's school play.. she rocked!
after the play.. had to drive kidling number 1 to drill
then to dance
then back to kidling number 2's second play
then to pick up kidling number one and run to the rec center to squeeeeeze in a quick workout..


I had a small salad and a small baked potato for dinner..
not too bad..

I was pretty proud of myself yesterday..

feeling pretty good so far..

half a flat bread
egg whites
half a small potato (made into little hashbrowns)
slice of mango

cream of wheat
cottage cheese

I can't wait till lunch..
I'm going to make a watermelon, strawberry smoothie with almond milk
with a little salad to go with it :)


hurry lunchtime!!!

this weekend is Mother's day
I'm going to make a biiiiig mistake and make some cupcakes for the mommy in law..
I am going to send them allllll to their house..
german chocolate and mint chocolate..
what am I thinking?

I know I am doing good with things.. so I think I will allow myself to have a couple cupcakes and not feel guilty for it.
I deserve it.
we have to have treats once in a while, or we will implode.. right?

just make sure I have my date with the treadmill, staimachine and weight room!

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