Thursday, May 10, 2012

nummy breakfast

I started the Jamie Eason's Livefit plan I found on today:

isn't she darling?

I just had to take a pic of my yummy and healthy breakfast!


breakfast (4 ww's p+)
half a flat bread
egg whites
slice of avacado
two pieces of "soy bacon"

it was actually pretty good and I'm not starving yet :)

snack (3 ww's p+)
cream of wheat

lunch (5 ww's P+)
cottage cheese
green beans

snack (6 ww's p+)
protein shake

dinner.. to be determined (5 ww's P+)
after dinner snack.. something yummy I'm sure (a few ww's p+)

the plan is eat every three or so hours.. small.. HEALTHY meals.. hit weight training hard and voila! 12 weeks, I'll be hawt!  aaaannnddd... It goes pretty well with Weight Watchers.. lots of power foods.. I am staying within my points plus limit.. woohoo!

it seems pretty simple and doable for me...
I will try to post plans and updates more than before. I really want this to work!


Diandra said...

Good luck with the new plan!

These days, I am constantly changing my mind...
* Eat healthy and don't think about calories!
* Cut back to 1400kcal!
* Try low-carb AGAIN!
* Why not go vegetarian?
* Just give up and delete everything.

Can you say ARGH!!?

Sugar said...

ugh! me too!! lol. I'm glad I'm not alone.. I guess as long as were doing something.. its ok, right?