Monday, September 19, 2011

Little black skirt challenge

I know.. It's really called The Christmas dress challenge.. but yanno..
I tried on the "little black skirt" and it really isn't as "little" as I thought..
but it is a black is slinky and stretchy..
which means..
"shows everything being squished inside"

my goals for the next 12 weeks..

1. Follow my Weight watchers plan.. that's a no brainer. You'd think.. I can't seem to follow it..
2. get my tracking in. every day!
3. exercise. (this ones easy)
4. water water water
5. make sure I'm getting enough protein. Being Vegetarian and running.. I need lotsa protein. Kinda hard to do for me.
6. This is going to be my big one. NO MORE EXCUSES!

mkay. so here's my weight for the start of this challenge.
I am soo disgusted with myself. I gained 5 frekin pounds last week.
I had every excuse in the book.
I injured myself..(which I did)
I ate poorly (no reason other than I got lazy)
I couldn't exercise as much as I used to..
blah blah..

my starting weight is ...



I know.

I was 157 the week before.
sick huh?

I will look back at this post in December.. and say..

oooh. I DID lose alot of weight..


Michele said...

Glad you are in this challenge. You know what to do, so I am betting you will get over last weeks slump easily. Looking forward to your success.

Thursday's Child said...

Even if the number is high it's always worth putting up (though I've struggled with it myself in the past), if you're back on track now you should see a nice drop to compensate.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Look forward to doing the challenge with you and following your progress.

Rosie said...

Hey Sugar...I am in on the challenge as well. Looking forward to rooting you on !!!


My Kid's Mom said...

looking forward to the challenge and all of us cheering each other on.

Rochelle said...

You have no idea - I'd kill to be 162! ha - I guess it's all relative, huh? Good luck with the challenge! We're here to support you!!!!

E. Jane said...

Hi Sugar,

So glad to be in the challenge with you. Best of luck to all of us, and I'll be following and checking in weekly.

Bluezy said...

That IS for sure! Looking at the prize and knowing how we will feel. I thought one more on this that IF it goes better than anticipated, I personally could make it to 2012!!!

Thursday's Child said...

Hope this week is going well for you! It's not a requirement for the challenge, but maybe update a bit more often in the week, it might help you stay on track.

Pockets said...

Good luck with the Dress Challenge. We all will be smaller by that time.