Monday, September 26, 2011

little black skirt challenge check in

well. I know.
I've been mia this week. er. last week.
but I've been BUSY man!

I've been logging my miles..33.15 miles to be exact.. mostly running..but not too shabby eh?

I lost three of the five pounds I gained the week before.. yay!

so now.. only 4.2 to go to get my 30# loss.. then another 20#'s and I will be a lifetime member of weight watchers.. I'm so close!
not really.. but definately closer than I was when I started..

so.. I made my goal this week to follow my weight watchers plan exactly. To get all my protein and "right" carbs in for Body for life..

me and the hubs made a compromise..
I will stay home with him one night a week. No scrapbooking, no writing, no working out. for one night.
and he will go to the gym with me one day a week..

what a deal huh?
I'd love for him to see how great it feels to get your body going and how much energy he can have.. and just feel better!


Thursday's Child said...

Not shabby at all! You should be really proud! That's a great trade-off with your husband too. I know your busy, so I wasn't having a go at you with my last comment, I just find that the more I check in, the more on track I tend to stay.

My Kid's Mom said...

Not bad! Love the trade-off.

Anonymous said...

Little runner, you. Your legs will def be ready for that little black dress. Good deal with the husband, that is wonderful! :)

Fatoutofskinny said...

Congrats on..........everything......woohoo!

EmptyNester said...

Now you've got me thinking that I've got to walk further than my 5 miles/day and get my mileage in the 30s! I'm not sure whether I should say thank you or blow raspberries at you. LOL

Love that trade off!

Chaquenha said...

Good weight loss!!! Don't put it off so easy! It IS a loss and next week will even be better! I wish you strength to keep going even in all the busyness. Losing weight when life is busy is not so easy!

Michele said...

Excellent weight loss! good fro you! Keep it up!

I'm Jackie... said...

Good results - and you are SO close to your goal! Obviously, you've worked hard to get where you are and I find that inspiring. I'm sure you'll be slipping into a little black dress for the holidays and feeling incredibly good (and looking it, too.) Have a great challenge week #2. Blessings, Jackie

Rochelle said...

I like the idea of your husband and you trading off days to spend time together... marriage is all about compromise! Congrats on the loss, many people did great with their goals last week. It's inspired me to strive for success this week!

Lazy Girl said...

Well done, great job! Keep up the hard work, it pays off!

Bluezy said...

I bet your hubby will go more than once a week with you! Good going on the weight loss!

E. Jane said...

Very good start to this challenge! Keep it up. It's nice that you and your hubby are supportive of one another.