Tuesday, September 27, 2011

life get's in the way?

why do people say that?
how can 'life" get in the way?

is that just an excuse for not doing what we tell ourselves we need to be doing?

I think so.

I am the princess of excuses.

I'm in pain.
My back is killing me.
My body is achey.
My head hurts.
I can't walk very far..

those were alllll excused I've used in the past.
up until
about a year and a half ago..

then.. I woke up
who says I can't make better choices for myself?
why can't I get on that treadmill and do what I CAN?
why was I letting "life" get in my way of happiness?

I was lazy.
I was truly in pain. every day. still am. Just not to the extent as before.
but I learned to cope
and deal

and live.

I am "life"
no more letting myself get in my own way.

tomorrow is the hubster's n mine 15 year anniversary.
are we going to go to dinner?
am I going to eat pasta?
am I going to let myself feel guilty about enjoying "life" for one night
I am going to give myself over to the experience and the company
I don't have to eat the whole plate or the entire basket of bread.
I can still be "good"
and I will be.
but I am not going to cheat myself out of a special night just because I am afraid of what the scale might say about it.
I am allowing myself to be "normal" and that's ok.

I don't have to deprive myself from anything.
Everything in moderation is perfect. The perfect way to live.
I have lost almost 60 pounds by living this way.
I am going to love myself and enjoy myself.
I will be just fine :)


EmptyNester said...

You go girl! And happy anniversary!

Fatoutofskinny said...

High five, hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

My Kid's Mom said...

What a good attitude! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

Diandra said...

Sounds great, enjoy your night out!

Thursday's Child said...

The linky is up for your challenge update!