Monday, September 12, 2011

another challenge?

I finished the slimmer this summer challenge by losing about 9 pounds. not too bad?

I signed up for Thursday's Child Christmas dress challenge
(since I don't celebrate "Christmas" I think I'll call mine the little black skirt challenge :)

I have this little black skirt.. I sooo want to wear it proudly.. with some tall black boots n maybe a sexy lil top..
But for now.. it sits in my closet.. waiting for me to put it on..and actually wear it out of the house..

 I'm going to work on toning up and getting my goal with WW's..


EmptyNester said...

I ended up in THREE Christmas dress challenges! LOL

Princess Dieter said...

Hope you do fabulously! Glad you found your challenge niche. Heh.

I love the Goth look, but I'm tan, not pale, and my challenge dress is black lace--an elegantized minimal goth. hah.

Annyway, hope you fit into that skirt supersoon, and definitely by whatever holiday or equinox or whatever you plan to celebrate in the coming seasons.(I had a neo-pagan pal once, but whatever was celebrated has evaporated from my memory banks.)


Anonymous said...

yes! Good luck with the challenge. I am doing the other dress challenge with Princess Dieter. best wishes.

Thursday's Child said...

The linky for the challenge is now up on my blog, so don't forget to link up your goal post