Monday, November 28, 2011

baack! after a long ass weekend!

I would love to say I did great on my Weight Watcher's weigh in.
but nope.
I'm up a pound and a half!

can I tell ya how frustruating this is?
I did everything I was supposed to.. all week..
I even ate perfectly on Thxgiving..
I ran a 10k for craps sakes!
oh yeah..
 I ran a 10k! In 1:07..
not too bad for a fat chick, eh?

but I don't know what else to do.
the hubs says.. "maybe since you've lost so much, so fast.. it is just taking longer now".
he's kinda smart like that sometimes.

this week.
I'm desperate.
I'm going to have a protein shake for breakfast.. with a piece of fruit.
A protein shake for lunch with a small salad.
and a good dinner.
some good healthy snacks too.

I really want to blame the new meds.. but they are supposed to help LOSE weight.. not gain it.

I need to get back into my weight training program.. (another suggestion from the hubster)

yoga twice a week isn't enough for me.
jogging four to five times a week isn't enough for me.

I need to be diligent and persistant with this.
I need to figure out why I can't lose this last 20ish pounds.. or hell.. even five would make me happy!

k.. here's a really crappy pic of me n my yoga teacher.. isn't she darling?
try not to get dizzy looking at it.
I may try to get another.. but that may be a while.. it was kinda weird asking the first time :)


My Kid's Mom said...

It seems to me, the closer you get to your goal wt, the harder it is to lose.

Diandra said...

We all know that wight loss slows down after a while - heck, I'Ve been the same (on and off) for four months now. Kind of frustrating, yes... but still I'd strongly advise against cutting more calories. Carbs, okay, maybe, but if you continue to limit your calories, your body will just go into starvation mode. And that does not only mean it will be reluctant to lose, but also that it will start dissolving organic substance (such as your bones) to get all the minerals it needs.

Michele said...

That is frustrating to do great and gain. My weight loss has been slow and slower. Sluggish metabolism for one. But, the slowness helps me to process and continue moving forward. No quick fix. Keep in mind this is for life.

Pockets said...

We all get to places like this in our weight loss journey. Have you tried to change your workouts or even your eating plan. That is what our leaders always says when this happens to us.