Monday, November 14, 2011


only half a pound..
but down is down!

I jogged last night. had to get my training in for Thanksgiving..
so me n the little one.. ok. she's not so little anymore.
hit the streets..
she had her light up scooter and I had my runnin shoes.
I jogged to the rec center and back.
only pausing for a couple quick drink breaks and a few light stops..
I mapquested..
it was 3.75 miles
each way!
so.. 7.5 miles
in the 45 degree weather.
it was amazing!
my legs are tight n sore today.
but I rocked it!

I'm going with my little loss.
I'm expecting it will take a bit to adjust to my meds..
I am going to eat healthy and really watch my intake of what I NEED as opposed to what I WANT

Have a great week!

Oh.. I also found out my goal weight is actually a bit higher than I thought.
that doesn't seem so far away now!
17 pounds to be exact!



My Kid's Mom said...

Any loss is a good loss.

Rochelle said...

Hey - the scale went down, right? It's a good thing! Glad you had a successful run - that goal weight is right around the corner!!! Keep it up!

Diandra said...

That sounds great! And - seventeen poounds, that's a breeze. I am sure you will rock it!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Things seem to be looking up!

Pockets said...

I agree down is down no matter how little it is. Good job.

Michele said...

A fair loss and exercising in the cold. Looks like a winning week to me. Finish this one off great, too!

Thursday's Child said...

Wow! That jogging is awesome, well done.