Monday, November 7, 2011

Staying the same

in spite of being sick.. ugh!
I hardly got any workouts in last week..
it's really hard to run when you can't breathe..

but I stayed the same.
I'm ok with that

I made sure I packed lots of good food today.
carrots, greek yogurt, cottage cheese.. fruit... mmmmm

we had the chance to get some tickets to "party" with the Cullens! squeeee!!!
it was 6 a.m. and freeeeezing!
but we got the tickets!!

 my hubby loves me!
so this week.. I still can't breathe..
but I am going to do a 10k on Thanksgiving, so have to train for that!
I am going to focus on getting my eating back under control..
no more "well.. I ran three miles, so I can have that cookie"


Chaquenha said...

Wish you lots of luck and strength for this week.

My Kid's Mom said...

Good luck and hope you feel better.

Diandra said...

If you cannot run, at least try lifting weights or do something (anything really) else that does not stress your respiratory system as much. Good luck!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Oh gosh, when does the movie come out? My girls will be chomping at the bit!!!
Stay well and warm.

Bluezy said...

Good for you getting out in the crowd of Twilight fans in the weather! I bet your girls loved you for that! I have a Twilight fan daughter, but she is 25.
Good dieting and journey!

E. Jane said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I've had the "crud" for the past two weeks, as well. It does zap you! Get well and hang in there! We do get tired of dieting sometimes, especially when we're sick, but take it easy and then hit it harder when you're completely well!

Rochelle said...

I have been fighting being sick too - it just drains everything out of you. Hope you feel better. Great goal for the 10K on Turkey Day! Hope you have a good week getting back to healthy living!