Tuesday, November 8, 2011

getting back on track


I went to the rec center last night to do something.. whatever my coughing butt would allow..
and allllll the frekin machines were FULL!
it was sooo busy last night..
maybe everyone is getting a start on the Holiday workouts to prevent the gains?

so I hit the track
it is 1/9th of a mile...
I jogged 9 times

took a drink.. checked my timer

I hit it again
mile 3 was 30.45!
I totally rocked it!!
had to stop for a cough attack and a drink

kept going
made it to mile 5.. that was 45 times around the track!! 50.15!!!

then I had to stop.
had to catch my breath.

but I felt goooood people! seriously good!
I just jogged 5 miles!
ok. not nonstop.
but I still did it!

I had a visit with my new dr yesterday too..
she is darling!
she has the cutest lil accent. I had to ask her where she was from.
Her family is from Ireland. She grew up in Zimbabwe. Talk about awesome!
she pretty much confirmed the PCOS diagnosis. She asked if I wanted to ask my ob about it.. I said I felt more comfortable with her.. since she has all my info from forever...
she started me on Metformin and Spironolactone.
also.. cut my blood pressure meds in half!

so.. lets see if this helps me lose the belly fat and get back on the right track.
cuz between me and you.. I am tired of shaving my facial hair like a man!
eek.. I said that out loud huh?
now you know my secret.

Have a great day!


Fatoutofskinny said...

Good job on the jogging. Now you're seeing the new doc maybe things will really get back on track.

Laura KP said...

Witchymama77!!!! I just found your blog. I figured if you weren't comin' to the BFL Coffee Crew, I'm come to where YOU ARE! :) Great job on the running! I wish I could do 5 miles! That's AWESOME! The most I made it to was 2.2 but I'm happy with that and looking forward to going from there.

Good luck with your new doc and getting back on track! Don't be a stranger on the BFL forum--if you've been reading, you know there are tons of people at all diff points of their workout plans. Anyway, hope to stay in touch.

Fatoutofskinny said...

You have an award waiting for you on my blog. See post labeled "My Very First Time"