Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

We are slowly gettting back to our regular routine.. if there ever was one..

I am at work super early, since I have to pick up the youngen from school. It is hard work walking on crutches.. and school is about a mile away..
dad is taking her.. I pick her up.

I see this as- I get to be home earlier.. get more done.. more "me" time..
we'll see..

I made my "New Year's Resolution" .. ok.. it is more of a "Goal"

I will make Weight Watchers Lifetime this year. I see it coming soon.
I WILL do it!

I am tracking everything.
I am picking power foods.
I am choosing wisely.

It is my choice.
My body.
My willpower.

not sure if I should post my tracking here or not.
It might help to see what I'm doing right or wrong..
I can get feedback..
but would it be boring for you?


EmptyNester said...

Boring? Heck no! It's encouraging and supportive and inspiring to read how others are doing on this difficult journey! I need to back track and see why you're on crutches!

EmptyNester said...

Nevermind- I see why and I see that it's not you it's your precious daughter! Hope she's healing quickly!