Monday, May 9, 2011

challenges for this week..

I am still on board for the twelve week challenges @ Fitblogger wk 6

I have usually done exercise challenges.. but since I am already on a pretty good schedule with that..
 I have decided to challenge myself not to have sweets this week..
I am addicted to sweets..
so this will be a hard one..
but I need to do it.
they sometimes send me on an eating spree.. so I totally need to abandon my sweet treats..

and it's only for a week, right?

I am down another 2.2 pounds at Saturday's weigh in..
now I am get this....

.4 away from 10% woot woot!

I'm sooo gonna get my keychain!!

Then next week.. is the 5k..

after the crankypants Mother's day I had.. I need something to look forward to..


Anonymous said...

I love sweets too! Chocolate and more chocolate. It's glad I found some that's sugar free!

Good luck on your 5K! I did my first one yesterday and it was a blast!

Lisa Mancini said...

Oh yes, add me in that one!! YMMY CHOCOLATE!!! Grats on the loss!!