Monday, May 2, 2011

ok seriously

I did it!
I lost 15 #'s with WW's..

took 16 fuggin weeks.. but I did it..
I am 3.6 away from my 10% goal yay!

but I truly need, want, am beggin for some sort of monitoring device to keep track of me..

I've been entering every week in
fitbloggers mytrak giveaway
I've been a good girl (sorta) in making sure I reach my goal every week.. which is jogging 15 miles a week..
so far I've done great.. I even did a 5k (on the treadmill) on Friday.. yay!

so.. to increase my chances of winning great stuff I'm also joining this lil cutey prior fat girl a-growing-relationship-and-a-challenge

in a two week challenge to see who can log the most miles..either walking, jogging, ellipticalling, etc..

eee!! I am so on!
because there is a chance to win a polar hrm..
uh hem..
I'm so whoring myself to win.

If I get in shape and have fun.. and adding to my competitive nature.. I'm in!

I'm sooo crossing my fingers that I now have two chances to win cool swag..

Have a great day!


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Good for you! I'll cross my fingers you win:)

Results Not Typical Girl said...

((marching in your parade cuz you are a rockstar of awesomeness))