Monday, June 13, 2011

whoop! whoop!

I Lost FOUR pounds last week kids!
F O U R!
saweet huh?

so.. all I basically did, was..
eat waaaay more fruits n veggies..
ate NO meat!
drank lots of water..
got my workout on.. lots!

it was pretty easy.
I am totally digging this vegetarian thing..
this week..
we'll see what happens next Weigh in..
but for now..
I'm basking in the "down four pounds glow"
yesterday was a great day
I took the teenager to Yoga.. we both did great! she is totally lovin it..
then we came home.. I cooked an early dinner for the fam.. they had turkey.. I had mashed potatoes and pasta salad..
after that, it was still early.. so me n the teenager decided we'd go for a jog/bike ride. My bike is broken.. so I jogged, she rode.
I made it the usual four+ miles. jogging most of the way.. even though it was fuggin hot!.. I had to shower again when we got home..
feelin goood!

my challenges for the week are:

Fitblogger.. I am soooo dying to get one of these Mytraks... seriously..
I am going to stick to the "no meat" plan.. since I like it.. but find more ways to get protein. I have beans. that's it.. so.. my goal for the week.. get protein!
slimmer-this-summer-week-2 I am going to continue to work on my water intake. I know I need more. I just have a hard time putting my Diet Dr Pepper's down man!
Plus Size Bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. to lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks.. I am almost a third of the way there! woohoo!!

I hope I can stick to this weight loss. I always lose, then gain... I just want to find a way to lose every week. even if just a lil.. yanno?
I have about 30 pounds to go! much better than 80 I think..
yeah.. I've lost almost exactly 50 pounds since the beginning of last year..
go me


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You can do this, we're in it together!!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

4 pounds is awesome! I could give up meat for a while but maybe not until my teen heads to college in August:)

Anonymous said...

A 4 pound loss is awesome!!! 50 pounds total is AMAZING!!!

Glad to know you're liking the whole meatless thing. I'm still trying to find things my guys will like. I found a site called "Meatless Meals for Meat Lovers" and still checking it out. There are some yummy recipes there. If you want to check it out it's on my right sidebar under Food.

Thursday's Child said...

well done! especially as you've already lost so much so it's harder to get rid of.

Kalien said...

Wow! Kudo's to you for your running. I need to get back into it. I too, find myself losing a few and then gaining one or two.. it's like taking two steps forward and then back one.. I'd rather just take a step forward every week, ha! Congrats on your 4 pounds, that is fabulous!

Tanya said...

Nice work! I just started jogging about two weeks ago - I've always had the urge, but now I'm actually learning (and doing it!). Keep up the great work!

downsizers said...

If you have already lost 50 pounds then you already know you can stick to this. If you are in a cycle and you know what is coming, prepare yourself for how you will deal with the challenges you know are coming and be ready for it. Congratulations on this great loss. Keep building on it and the 30 pounds will be just a memory!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC loss for the week !!! Good for you! Keep it up and you will be a skinny girl in no time !

Also, loving that you are going or doing Veg !!!

Carrie said...

GREAT job! Keep up all your good work and those 30 pounds will be gone in no time!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Check out for LOTS of recipes that might be up your alley! Or the CancerProject/PCRM site , or FireEngine 2 book.
I noticed that when I gave up flour (mostly gave it up), that I felt less bloated. Even if I binge binge on apples, avocados, bananas, etc...that they have so much water in them it isn't likely I will pack on the pounds. Awesome about your week!! Oh, I bought that Supreme90, that is a takeoff on PS90X, execept the thing I bought was like 20 bucks! And that was a "cheap" new thing to restart me doing anything!

Anonymous said...

Great loss! Do what you did last week again this week! :)

Michele said...

Fantastic weight loss on the first week of STS. Here's to another great week. Stay strong, michele

upinthecosmos said...

Congrats on the loss! Kudos on the exercising... that's the hard part for me:-) You're doing great!

teresa said...

Go you, for sure!! Congratulations.
i'm doing the bye bye booties challenge with you. I really like this group of people.
Nice job on the exercise too.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

There is no NOT sticking to this, you are on a roll and will continue for the rest of the summer! At least! SO nice on the results so far, nice on the veggies! Keep it up!

I LOVE beans, I'm planning to make a white bean veggie pizza this week. I'm having like 12 kids and parents come over for a pizza party, we're going to get gross, cheap take out pizza for the kids and I'm going to make my bean veggie pizza! Can't wait!