Friday, June 24, 2011


mkay.. so I had to change my blog name a bit.. I like it..

I have been doing pretty good with the water and the tracking.. and the exercise.. woot!
I jogged four miles the other day.
it rocked!

then last night..
I tackled this monster..
the pic doesn't show how huuuge this sucker is..
it is about two or three feet taller than I am.. like a huuge escalator..
but I rocked 77 floors climbed on it!
go me :)
I think I found a new favorite sweat inducer..
tomorrows weigh in should be pretty good.. I've been a good girl :)


Anonymous said...

What's the machine called and how does it works? It looks like a behemoth of a workout..... 77 floors, wow you sure did rock it out!

Sugar said...

it's called a stairmaster.. it is like a huge escalator.. it's pretty cool I think :)