Monday, June 27, 2011

new week, kinda bummed.. moving on

so.. I tried so hard to win a Mytrak from Fitblogger.. the last 12 weeks, I only missed two weeks.. but maybe those were my chances.. idk..

oh well.. I will just have to save up the money to get some sort of tracking device so I know exactly what my exercise is doing for me. I don't like guessing..

yeah. I'm cranky today.
between the hubs staying up till after midnight, and the neighbors damn dogs barking all night.. I'm tired and not very happy.
I can be bitchy once in a while, can't I?


I lost 2.2 pounds last week.
It was hard..
I worked my arse off in the gym..I got up to 4 miles jogging (sweating like hell while doing it)
yup.. I'm kinda proud of that..
I used to despise running.
I hated it like I hate mushrooms.. seriously..

I love it!
I can't just walk any more.
I have to run


this week..
weight watchers suggested we start "listening" to our bodies.
actually listening.
what is it saying?

That's going to be my goal for the week.

slimmer this summer week 4 I am going to continue to get my bazillion ounces of water.. I am so used to it now, it's like I feel naked without my water bottle full and ready to drink up..

plus size bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. I am down a total of 6 pounds!
woohoo!! I am halfway there.. seriously.. I'm rocking this bitch! k. I need to stay on track and not let it go to my head and think I can slack.

I am going to listen to my body. Take my time eating. Listen for that "sigh" of satisfied-ness. yanno.. the one that your body gives when it's happy? listen for'll know.
I am only going to eat what actually tastes good. I remember eating those processed candy bars, the greasy chips.. and only feeling icky after eating them.
this week at least, I am going to try to remember how I felt after eating crap.
sticking to natural and healthy foods is my goal.

okey dokey
off to start Monday


Anonymous said...

4 miles, oh girl you better be proud of that!!! Way to go!

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

Sorry you didn't win. I NEVER anything. It's such a bummer and I enter lots of giveaways.

2.2 pounds is amazing and 4 miles is crazy good. Awesome week at the gym.


downsizers said...

So happy to learn of your success. I have only the best wishes for your continued success. Those dogs in the neighborhood that bark are so frustrating. I had a cousin who called the owner of dogs that woke him up when it happened at night and said "every time your dogs wake me up I'm waking you up". This is of course after actually talking to the person about the problem. I always wondered, "don't the dogs wake them up too?" Hope this situation gets resolved.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Yea! You did great, love all that exercise! I know what you mean by the water, it does get easier.

I hate mushrooms and sadly I still hate running. Hopefully that will change.

I'm cranky too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing week at the Gym! You GO!!

Michele said...

Wow, another great loss! Wahoo!!