Monday, June 20, 2011

A fresh week to start over.. again.. *sigh* and my new friend

 I gained .8 last week. I admit, I haven't ate as well as I should have.
I have been so super busy with the teenager and life.. I tend to make excuses.. but then I kick myself for it.
This week I am going to track every single bite.
I am going to drink more and more water. For some reason I got back into the diet soda habit.. and totally need to kick it.. again.
so.. I will go back to posting my meals and points as much as possible.. with no internet at home, it's kinda hard.. but I will do it when I can..

Fathers day was hard.
not only sad.. but I wanted to eat the pain away.. with a banana split. so I did.
ugh! seriously..
bad girl!

fitblogger this is the last week.. I've been a good girl.. I've only missed two weeks.. when my dad passed.. still working on the protein.. I did pick up some greek yogurt.. it is pretty yummy! and has more protein than regular yogurt.. so yay!

slimmer this summer week 3  I am still down 4 pounds.. but with the .8 gain.. ugh! I will get it back down this week.. going to hit the gym hard this week!

plus size bloggers bye bye bootie challenge.. still down the 4 pounds.. going to get a couple at least this week to get closer to the 15 pound goal. upping my water and exercise.. I am sooo going to get the big guns (weights) out!

so.. there ya have it..
water- drinking more!
exercise- waaay more.. and bringing out the weights hard core!
tracking- every bite and watching that I actually stick to the plan
I have a plan and I am determined to stick to it.

The vegetarian plan is still going great! I really don't miss meat at all. I may have to stick to it for a long while.. awesome.

aaanndd.. here's my new friend. my new addition to my Alice in Wonderland tribute, on my leg..


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

No more excuses! We so HAVE to stick to the plan. No sense even having a plan if we can't stick to it. Remember, this means our life! We WANT this, so stick to it and get some awesome results! You so won't regret it!

EmptyNester said...

Just leave last week in the dust and make your better choices today! It sounds like you have a handle on what you need and want to do! Think like Nike---just do it!

Anonymous said...

I am with you that excuses need to go away and quit creeping up. Did that banana split taste as good as a cute pair of jeans 4 sizes smaller would? Probably not. Best of luck this week, get back with it girl - we're in this together!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...banana split. I LOVE them! I still eat them once in a while but make them with healthier ingredients.
This would be to hard to do if I didn't give myself a food reprieve once in a while.

Colie's Kitchen said...

So you gained big deal! The great new's is today started a new day and a new weeks you can start again!! This is YOUR WEEK!! Nicole

Michele said...

You can do it! Like your attitude. Don;t give up. Stay strong. This is fro life. Your life! michele

Carrie said...

Here's to a brand new week and your new Cheshire Cat! :)

Thursday's Child said...

Wow, that's quite a tattoo! Don't beat yourself up over past mistakes, you can#t change them but you can make your next choice better.

Candi said...

You can do this!!! Make small daily goals. You'll feel more accomplished when you reach those and better equipped to take on the large picture. Stay strong girl!!!

Kelly said...

I love Alice in Wonderland too. Hope you are having a better week.