Thursday, June 9, 2011

another good day

yesterday was another good day, despite dr appointments with the teenager, me being sick and having a hard time breathing.. stupid congestion..

breakfast was some ff cottage cheese and some strawberries.. mmmmm 3 WW p+
then a no bake cookie for 2 p+  (and lots of water..)

lunch was some leftover spaghetti with marinara 8 WW P+ (lots more water..)

I made some yummy cheesy potatoes.. I guessed at this one for 12 WWp+.. I don't think it was that high, but I'd rather be high, than low :) and they were soooo yummy.. and green beans 0 P+

if you didn't know the "P+" is Weight Watchers "Points Plus" for the new program. I love it so far.
I have lost weight.. so it works for me :)

then I made it to the gym for 20 minutes of ellipticalling and 30 minutes of walking/jogging.. not much on the jogging.. since the whole not being able to breathe kinda puts a damper on it..  adding more water!!

so.. it was a pretty good day on plan for me :)
feeling awesome about it..

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gracies tough journey said...

Way to go on the gym. Awesome workout especially being short of breath. Hope you and your family get better soon. Take care. Gracie