Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here I go again

after a week of crappy eating.
not sooo crappy.
better than I've ate in the past
worse than I've ate recently
I am going back on the low carb, vegetarian, paleo thing I've been working on.

I thought I needed more carbs for my half marathon.
I was wrong.
I felt like poo
but I lived.

I proved myself wrong

I've got the gassy, uncomfortable, bloated feeling to prove it.

my teenager has been told to eat healthy for her drill team.
she has a list of foods she can and can't eat
most of which are the same foods I have been eating, or not eating.
except meat.
I can't do that part.

we've decided, as a family, no more junk in the house.
mostly I would buy "junk" for the hubs. cuz that's all he would eat.
yeah. I'm an enabler. but it's just easier to please him than hear the whining.
he's spoiled. I'm not his mom.

he finally told me it was ok to NOT BUY IT!

I can finally bring home the healthy, nutritious foods my family needs and I will feel good about them eating!

I know I'll get some criticism for this. but you don't live in my house. don't judge lol

we will still get a "cheat day"
where we can go crazy, to a miminum lol
but I am so excited the whole family is on board!

my next hurdle will be getting my 11 year old to eat salad :)


ike said...

Yeah FANTASTIC - now you will ALL be a healthy family.. good on you and I am right with you Girl :-) xxx

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like a great plan!
I must say not having junk food in the house really does help.

Diandra said...

At least he is willing to try. I hope it works out! These kinds of changes are tough for anyone.