Wednesday, July 18, 2012


three days and counting


I already can't sleep.
which sucks

I've tried small workouts so I don't over do it or injure myself..


I am psyching myself out here

this is a big deal people!

13.1 miles is seriously major for me!

any miles are major for me

I am hydrating
I am eating right (for me)
adding protein smoothies mmmmmm yummy!

I am trying to prepare the best I can so I don't flop on race day.
I just want to finish in one piece. I just want to finish!

I will be back next week with pictures and a fabulous story I'm sure

I am taking a couple days off work. I have lots going on.. the teenager has some tests and we are taking a lil day trip to take my daddy's ashes to be joined with my mama's on her birthday.

have a blessed week and weekend friends!


ike said...

Don't forget to look after those feet !!!!! Plenty of Vaseline on them and between the toes and COTTON socks :-) I KNOW you can do this.......GO GIRL :-) xxxxxxxxx

Diandra said...

Good luck! I know you can do it!