Monday, July 2, 2012


this weekend was a bust.

Pizza (one piece) aaaand salad to make it even out

ice cream cone

popcorn (twice) at the movies... once during Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter (eh.. it was ok) and once during Magic Mike.. again.. eh. it was ok.
Channing Tatum is my favorite. He is soooo pretty!
and such an amazing dancer. yum!
the movie was blah except for the half naked mens.. mmmmm

uh hem

where was I?

oh yeah..

I did have a wrap at the movie theatre.. lots of lettuce, tomatoes and some onion in there.. but there was also a tortilla.. not too horrible, no?

I didn't do so good this weekend sticking to Paleo. or crossfit.
just no time..

that's where the planning comes in.
I need more time to plan, plot, and prepare. yep.

can someone do that for me?

but this week is back on track.
got all stocked up on paleo friendly foods
going to cut n chop up to be ready to grab

here we go.

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