Friday, July 27, 2012


If anyone would have told me even a few years ago I would have ran a half marathon, I would have told them they were crazy!
whacked out, nut jobbed, insanely insane, nuts!
but I did it.

I ran a 5k.
then another
and another.. and on and on..
then a 10k
go me!

then.. I wanted MORE
I really did.
I had to prove to myself I could do more.
I had to prove to everyone telling me I can't, that I CAN!
and I did!
I ran a half marathon..

what's next?
more half's
getting faster
and being able to complete one without thinking I'm going to die. or puke. either one

baby steps
I have to get back on my "healthy eating" plan
no(low) carbs
no junk
lots of water
more water
and did I mention water?

my brilliant mind thought, earlier, while I was in the bathroom. I think great there.

I need to cut back on the diet soda.
I know it's not good for me.
I'm addicted.
my goal for this week?
cut back on the soda.
I will ALLOW myself one per day. and only if it's a good fountain drink. mmm those are my favs.
yep. I did not say NO soda.. cut me some slack people.
I'm an addict.
but I will cut back.
baby steps here.

I will also try a new recipe at least once a week. and post it. here. with pictures. cuz I'm awesome like that.

Oh yeah! I am also going to try more strength training. such as crossfit, p90X or insanity. not sure which yet.. I tried crossfit on my own, but without paying a few hundred dollars to go to the gym here, I'm not sure I'm comfortable to keep trying the exercises..
so. a buddy is doing insanity and he has had great results. I think I'll research that one.
either way. I'll get toned and strong.

aaand... I need to update my blog to make it look cooler. yanno. to match me? someday. when I don't have a million things to do at any given time. I'll do that. yeah.

I just wanted to share some progress pics.. the first is from 2007ish I'm on the very right.. with my sister and nieces just after my mama passed.

I've still got thirtyish pounds to go.. but I'm close!

I keep thinking of fantabulous things to share!
we are going to (as a whoooole family) do a deep clean of our house tomorrow. scrubbing walls and floors, cleaning out closets..etc.. I'm excited now, but come tomorrow morning, eeek! lol
then.. I plan on crafting and get this~~~ making a recipe box! I am going to find all the yummyness I've found in books from the library, pinterest and blogland.
 I know I won't complete this soon, but I will start it!
I plan on dividing it somehow.. paleo, vegetarian, low cal, not low cal.. etc.. whew! that's gonna be a buttload of work. maybe it's not so exciting after all?
Oh yeah.. and get my fill of Olympic games in! woot woot! go USA!
naaah. It's gonna rock!


Holly A. said...

You look amazing. Congratulations!

ike said...

OMG - you look soooo much better - well done you - keep going :-D xxxxxxx

Caron said...

Awesome. :)