Monday, July 16, 2012

jogging with the fam

we woke up early Saturday to go for a bike ride, longboard ride and run.. runnin for me :)
bikes for the hubs n youngest and longboard for the teenager

there is a trail along the freeway here that is 14 miles long from start to end.. we've never been on it.
till now!

we started about a fourth of the way in.. mile 3 I think..

 on our way

 the trail
 going into the tunnel.. dun dun dun
 spooky no?
 me.. getting ready to brave the tunnel lol (like how I rigged the lil backpack holding my water and ipod? yep I'm creative)
it was short ha! but the shade was nice :)

muh goofy teenager on our run Sunday

wearin my "fanny pack" water bottle holder lol

I am almost ready for the half on Saturday.
I decided I am going to eat some carbs this week. bump up my protien and lots of water!! I can't believe how thirsty I got on our two hour run Saturday morning..


ike said...

Hey there you :-D Glad to see you got out and about with the Fam and got some fresh air too. Looking Goood there Girl :-)

Sugar said...

hey ikey!! thanks dear!! it was a great morning :)

Ashely Todd said...

Great one!