Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Damage control

ok so first I have to say how disappointed I am in our justice system. Poor Caylee.. ugh..
that's all I have to say about that.
It totally breaks my heart and makes me sad that her mother got away with murder.


I had a bad (horrible) weekend.
It was a blast, but I ate crap.
alot of crap.
I managed to only gain a couple pounds though, so I am off to a good start for the damage control.
I tried to eat right.
I really did
but all the goodies over the holiday begged me to eat them.
so I nibbled some.
I tasted some..
I drank alot.
water too.. lol
I went on a hike for a couple hours.

with the kidlets.
I played badminton
I went to the gym a couple times.
I played alllll day yesterday at Boondocks ( A local family fun center) idk.. it might be national.

that's where I got in trouble.
I had ice cream
with toppings
and yanno..
I didn't let it make me feel guilty.
that's a good thing.
I didn't hate myself after having a treat.

it was the whole weekend of treats that bug me.
I'm picking myself up and wiping myself off and starting over with a fresh week (few days) until weigh in.
I will be good the rest of the week. That's the deal I made with myself. sometimes it is just too much to "eat right" allll the time. yanno?

so.. this week. I am going to "cram" good stuff in.
totally double time the exerciseness and water..

I'll be back in a bit with more goodies

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Diandra said...

Beautiful landscape! Looks as if you had fun!

Good old holiday treats... I keep telling myself "You don't have to eat *everything*", but I don't believe me...